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We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

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As part of his Divide World Tour, Ed Sheeran will be performing at the "Happiest Place on Earth" for two nights.

We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

Here are some of our best entries:

Zhuang Kaming, 12, Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School

This tattoo is white and black in colour.It has used the principle of geometry.In this tattoo,you can see some geometry shapes.It means Hong Kong is a place that full of imagination and fantasy.People in Hong Kong are full of artistic cells and good at thinking at imagining.Therefore, the geometry shapes in the tattoo can reflect Hong Kong that full of imagination fantasy and brilliance.

This tattoo image can mainly divide in two parts.The first part is the words in the tattoo.At first,you can see there are seven words.“ED” stands for Ed sheeran.“H” and “Kong” stands for Hong Kong for sure.And the second part is the divide symbol.At the bottom left hand corner , there is a divide symbol “÷”It stands for Ed sheeran’s latest album.And he is going to have his two first concerts in Hong Kong.

Mohamed Nauzer Fathima Reeshma, 17, Marymount Secondary School

Looking at the trendy foods and drinks, I thought 'what better food tattoo than drawing bubble tea'. It's both popular and delightful, perfect for adding some 'cuteness' and taste to Ed's tattoo collection. On the bubble tea, there are: 1. a cute, little Bauhinia flower on the top left to show some representation of HK 2. a picture of the star ferry for the essence of Hong Kong's history and 3. the letters "HK" and "香港" on it for additional emphasis on our city! This may seem rather insignificant but I tried to make it as colourful as possible since most of his tattoos are bright and colourful!

Natalie Tsang Wing-yu, 13, St Paul’s Secondary School

I think Hong Kong is a place where we can see traditional Chinese culture so I add a chinese dragon in the design. I know that Ed also has a dragon tattoo, I wish he also like the dragon in my design! Also, the main part of design is the neon light which written “Hong kong” ‘s Chinese character. It’s often seen on street and I think it is very gorgeous! Also, Hong Kong is a modern city. So I draw the night view in Hong Kong below the neon light.

Rhea Hemrajani, 16, Hong Kong International School

The tattoo that I designed for Ed Sheeran might just look like a regular guitar at first, but if you look closer, you can see that it is made up of symbols that represent Hong Kong. Chinese calligraphy style waves make up the body of the guitar, the HK skyline makes up the “fretboard” and a stylized version of the Chinese character “壽” makes up the headstock/tuning pegs. I chose to use the guitar as the basis of this tattoo because it is no secret that Ed Sheeran loves playing the guitar. The waves symbolize surges of good luck+resilience; the HK skyline is iconic to Hong Kong and it would remind Ed Sheeran of the memories he made while he was here; the character “壽” represents longevity, one of the Five Blessings (wǔfú 五福) of Chinese belief. Hopefully, the combination of these symbols will bring Ed good fortune.