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We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

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Ed Sheeran, Disneyland, Hong Kong. What's not to like?

We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

Here are some of our best entries:

Emma Chong Wai-hei, 13, St Paul’s Secondary School

The above tattoo design shows an old Hong Kong styled anime girl wearing a traditional Chinese dress. Behind the girl is a beautiful and magnificent Chinese boat. The reason why I’ve chose to draw an old Hong Kong styled anime girl was because I really liked the drawing style of old Hong Kong manga but sadly they have become quite rare nowadays but it surely still does represent Hong Kong in a way. For the reason why i’ve drew the boat was because when I was little I have already been very fascinated  with them yet never had a chance to ride on one, they always appear at Victoria harbour which is a bay with a stunning view!

Delna Viraf Khan, 13, King George V School

This design incorporates all the elements of this special event here in Hong Kong.

Mickey Mouse is the famous icon of Disneyland and is easily recognisable. This is the venue of where Ed Sheeran will be hosting his magical night. Not only does the fireworks add to the Disney theme, but it also represents Sheeran as he is the icon of the pop scene, giving fireworks and sparkles to the music industry.

His album “Divide” is engraved onto the Mickey Mouse head as it is the biggest hit album he produced. The polaroid holds a strong meaning because one of his most well-known songs is “Photograph”. Furthermore, the polaroid is the same shade of blue as his Divide album. All these meaningful memorabilia are represented in this design.

Nicole Cheng En-chiu, 14, German Swiss International School

The Bauhinia is a beautiful flower. It’s a hybrid and considered by florists to be a symbol of love and harmony.

Ed Sheeran is an interesting hybrid of expectations. He’s not exactly what you’d expect a singer to look like. Yes, he’s a fantastic composer, singer and lyricist. But he also comes from humble backgrounds, even getting bullied for having ginger hair and a stutter.

But now he sings for the world, sings about love and its many forms: a lover’s love, family love and love for the world. He sang about the last form in ‘What do I know?’. Lyrics like ‘love can change the world in a moment’ makes me appreciate how he uses music to spread beautiful messages. By intertwining the Bauhinia flower with his guitar, I’d like to show how effectively he shares his lovely philosophy about love through his music.

Arabella Qian Hui Sharkey, 15, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

It shows a local fisherman of HK, a precious signature tradition and historical representation of Hong Kong, as Hong Kong use to be a small fishing village before it turned into a big city. The water's of the design float music notes, music being a part of what Ed deeply has passion for. Here the fisherman rows in these music notes, as the music guides his way. It also shows how the beauty of art can appear in our everyday life, and so inspire us, just like Ed's music inspires people. Every image shows meaning, something as simple as a local fisherman rowing, can call to us, and turn into music notes which can guide us through life.

Wong Man-kit, 18, HKCWC Fung Yiu King Memorial Secondary School

Ed Sheeran is very like pizza so I draw him to eat pizza

I draw the Hong Kong flag and Mickey mouse ear for him because this perform live at Hong Kong Disneyland!