Ed Sheeran tattoo competition winners - our readers' best designs for the singer

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You guys made it so tough for us to pick a pair of winners! We loved seeing your Hong Kong and music inspired designs

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Congratulations to our winners!

We asked you to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and explain your concept in 150 words or less.

We had so many amazing entries and tough decisions to make, but here are our winners and honourable mentions.

Congratulations to the two winners, who each win a pair of tickets to the Thursday, April 18, show at Hong Kong Disneyland! 

We were so overwhelmed by the talent, that we added a runner-up to the prizes - the runner-up wins a pair of tickets to the Wednesday, April 17, show! 

Check out the prize-winning entries below; their writing has not been edited.

The finalists, in no particular order, can be found here

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Lalit Ram Sharma, 18, Delia Memorial Group of School (Glee Path)

Since Hong Kong has a lot of landmarks and I really wanted to incorporate that into the design, and since Ed Sheeran is known for his guitar skills, what better way than to combine them both.

I've tried to make a general guitar using the various different landmarks in Hong Kong. The Big Buddha, The Tsing Ma Bridge, The Peak Tower, Victora Harbour, Bank of China, IFC can all be seen on the design.

Megan Siu Wing-yan, 14, Harrow International School Hong Kong

My tattoo design displays the connection and mixture between the aspects of the division sign and the Hong Kong culture. I’ve chosen these symbolic objects as a gesture of resemblance to both Ed and Hong Kong. On this design, the choice of the division sign is simply to represent the album and tour, ‘Divide’. Furthermore, I’ve also attempted to incorporate some of Hong Kong’s most symbolic items such as the famous landscape of Hong Kong in the middle, featuring some of our most popular tourist attractions. Additionally, I’ve also drawn on our national flower (the Bauhinia), which portrays both peace and harmony, alongside an East Asian Dragon, which Chinese people believe is a symbol for power, strength and good luck. If Ed were to use my tattoo design, it would allow him to treasure this joyous, long-lasting memory of having performed in Hong Kong for his Divide World Tour 2019.

Runner up

Adianul Ameen, 18, Rosaryhill Secondary School

I have listened to Ed Sheeran for years now first, the time I heard him it was a long time ago, when he released “A team” and “Lego house”, since then I really like the way he sings and how he touches people with his music. I also watched his live performance online,  it even better then the recorded version. But I never really got the chance to watch it in person. When he came to Hong Kong, I tried to buy the tickets but they get sold out pretty fast and I always miss out the opportunity to see him perform. Guess everyone has the same goal? This year I have my DSE and the day that he is performing I'll be done with it my exams so I would love to go there to have fun and enjoy this magical moment.