If you could team up with one Marvel superhero and one from the DC universe, who would you pick?

The ultimate Brain Game winner will win Apple AirPods

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Which superheroes would you team up with?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win Apple AirPods.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

I‘d pick Spider-Man and Batman. I think Spider-Man and I would get along really well because we’re both students and teenagers, so we would have a lot to talk about. Batman, on the other hand, would have all the coolest and craziest gadgets and he could use them to protect me from harm.

Contestant 2

I’d choose Wonder Woman and Iron Man. I like Wonder Woman because she is brave and always fights for justice. I love that her Lasso of Truth can force people to tell the truth, which I think would be very useful. She doesn’t know much about modern technology, but Iron Man could help her with that. I think Iron Man could benefit from someone like Wonder Woman to keep him calm, too.

Contestant 3

I’d team up with Doctor Strange and Superman because I think they both have what it takes to be true superheroes as they are both brave and selfless. While they are very powerful, what’s more admirable is that they always put others before themselves, and will risk their own safety for the greater good and never do things for their own personal gain.

Contestant 4

The Flash and Spider-Man, of course! They would they make a tough, but funny pair. Both are known to be jokesters, taking on every mission with a smile, whether that’s homework or fighting evil. They’re both quite young, so they have a lot of energy and have plenty of time to improve their fighting skills. With Flash’s super speed and Spider-Man’s spidey sense, I reckon they’d make quite the duo.

Contestant 5

I’d pick Iron Man and Superman because I believe they are the strongest and most powerful superheroes. If Iron Man was hurt, Superman could keep fighting and defend him as he’s practically invincible. What Iron Man lacks in strength, though, he makes up in intelligence. Clark Kent is not as smart, so he could use a partner like Tony Stark.

Contestant 6

I would team up the strongest of both universes: Black Panther and Spectre. Spectre is more powerful than the other superheroes and can easily take out someone with just his fist. Black Panther is also very strong, and brave, and can move really fast, he is also a great role model for people of colour.

Contestant 7

I’d team up with Wonder Woman and Ant-Man. Their powers and backgrounds are very different, but I think they both possess similar beliefs. I’ve always seen Ant-Man as a father figure. He loves his daughter very much and he uses that love to remind himself of what is really important when he faces a challenge. I see a similar quality in Wonder Woman, who loves her people and Earth very much. They’d make a good couple!

Contestant 8

After watching Endgame, I would say Ant-Man is officially my favourite (no spoilers, relax!). From the DC universe, I would pick Shazam. I think they both have awesome powers and I’m confident they’d be able to protect me during battle. But I like that they’re not so powerful, like Captain Marvel; that would make it too easy. I also think they’d both be people that I’d like to hang out with.

Contestant 9

I’d team up with Iron Man and Superman. I admire their straightforwardness and self-confidence, which I think is what gives them the courage to face danger, and stops them from being scared out of their wits. I also like the way they tackle every challenge with creativity and enthusiasm. Lastly, I like that they’re both charming, witty, and outgoing characters.

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