Mother's Day poetry competition 2019 entry by Hemish Rajendra Gurnani

By Hemish Rajendra Gurnani, 11, King George V School

We asked our readers to write a poem about why their mums are so special and what she means to them. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

By Hemish Rajendra Gurnani, 11, King George V School |

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This Mother's Day, give your mum the gift of poetry to show her your love.

Beautiful Mother,

To thou I place this Sonnet:

My Mother my companion so treasured,

For beginning to end we stand tethered,

Im blessed to have you as my mother,

And I wouldn't have any other.

Countless things that you do for me,

Have helped to be a better me,

I love you mother in all my days,

For enhancing my life in so many ways.

You have always been the best,

And better than all the rest,

Im proud you are my mother,

Until life's eternal rest there’s no need to look any further,

A mild smile of your joy along,

Sets me free and teaches me to be happy and strong,

You are the master of every task,

And you give guidance when I ask.

You become my cushion when I fall,

Always to support when I call,

You and me are in a league,

Thats as powerful as a blitzkrieg.

You are my sun to light my day,

That would navigate my weary way,

I am glad to have you as my mother,

This life and many another