Mother's Day poetry competition 2019 entry by Kelvin Ho

By Kelvin Ho Ka-kit , 18, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

We asked our readers to write a poem about why their mums are so special and what she means to them. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

By Kelvin Ho Ka-kit , 18, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School |

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This Mother's Day, give your mum the gift of poetry to show her your love.

Double Trouble


It profits little to have a child

To raise a child is nothing but trouble

There is no clear end to this Herculean task

One is enough

And at least you know what's to come

But no

One bulge but two babies

Double Trouble! Twin Terror!

People must’ve saw and thought

What a lottery you won!

“They must be your pride and joy,” they say,

“How nice and cute these twins!”

Yet behind that smile lies

A tired body and a burdened soul

As we grew other issues arose

Matching outfits? Or different shoes?

From the largest issues to the smallest details

You have to care for them twice

No older sibling to help look after the other

Two voices

Crying to speaking in unison

Two people

Looks alike but with antithetical personalities

The split is not just cellular

Now we are grown

Looking back it wasn’t perfect

But we can’t be more proud to have such a mother

Who took up the mantle despite the odds

That while we grew older you grew wiser

What kind of gift can match

The gift of life bequeathed on us?

Yet when it’s time to return the favor

We will do so, and repay it in double