War Horse competition entry by Rachel Lam Kwan-tung

By Rachel Lam Kwan-tung, 15, Marymount Secondary School

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Rachel Lam Kwan-tung, 15, Marymount Secondary School |

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It is well known that dogs are human’s best friend and loyal companions, but I have never believe that there is such a dog who spent nearly nine years waiting outside the train station, hoping for his owner to arrive home.

The film that I watched is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. It is about a relationship between a dog called Hachi and the protagonist called Parker. This film is based on a true story which took place in Japan. It is definitely a touching and moving story that I was sobbing uncontrollably in the end of the movie.

This film is also very thought-provoking. It brings out the message that we should always remember the one we loved. In the movie, Hachi showed its love and loyalty to Parker by waiting him to arrive home from work everyday at 6:00p.m. outside the train station. However, Parker died one day and did not return but Hachi still continue to wait for him at the same spot for the next nine years until the day he died. In the end, Hachi died in the same spot where he had spent nearly ten years, patiently waiting for one who never returned. Hachi was very determind to show its loyalty to Parker, which this act make me feel very touched. This scene is truly heartrending. It clearly shows that the relationship between Parker and Hachi is really close, otherwise why would Hachi spend nine years waiting Parker. It is true that animal have more feelings and loyalty than the human. The story of Hachi reminds me about Toffee, my dog that I love him very much but he left the world two years ago. But now, I have a new dog. I will surely treasure the time with him more and love him more before he goes to heaven.

If you are a dog lover, I will strongly recommend you to watch this film as it shows all the good quality of a dog. You will see the loyalty, faithfulness and devotion of Hachi. As it is extremely heart-breaking, I am very sure that it will make you cry. Therefore, prepare a pack of tissue before watching it.