If you could add one function to Instagram, what would it be?


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Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a Mobile Pixel Duex duo monitor, which has been sponsored by searchingc.com, one of Asia’s leading online shopping platforms.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

Instagram is already full of amazing features. If I could add one extra function, it would be the ability to see a photo of someone’s food on their Instagram story, and instantly find out the name of the dish, the restaurant, and how far away it is. Then, if it was close enough, you could go and try it yourself.

This would be very useful as it would save Insta foodies from having to check the location tag and type the place name into Google Maps. Instead, Instagram would do everything for them.

Contestant 2

At the moment, Instagram mainly allows people to post photos and videos. You can add captions, of course, but the images, rather than the words, are still the main focus. That’s why I’d like to add the text-posting function. Using words alone to express feelings is definitely easier for some people. It would be a lot more convenient if we could do this without having to add an image, too. Then I could write whatever I liked on Instagram (although perhaps to avoid boredom, there could be a word limit).

Contestant 3

I would definitely add a dark mode to Instagram. There have been many times when I’ve opened up Instagram to check my friends’ stories, only to be blinded by the app’s bright white background. I’m sure there are many other night owls like me who have experienced the same problem.

What’s more, research has shown that dark mode reduces blue light – the thing that keep your brain awake. That means it not only keeps your retinas safe, but allows you to have a better night’s sleep, too.

All in all, adding a dark mode to Instagram would be a very bright idea.

Contestant 4

If I could add a function to Instagram, it would be an online shopping feature called Instapay. It would allow users to buy products from shopping accounts or pay other users, just like Apple or Google Pay. You could either attach your credit card to your account, or top up your account credit with cards that would be available at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

This function is one that already exists on other apps and I think it would be really useful for Instagram users.

Contestant 5

I think one of the main issues of Instagram is that everyone tends to get very self-conscious and sometimes competitive about the number of followers they have. People think of followers as friends, and although the reality is that we’ve probably never even met most of these “friends”, it’s still the perception that we have in our minds when we use the app.

I think Instagram should give users the option to hide the number of followers they have, as well as how many other people have. This would stop us from slipping into the habit of comparing ourselves to other people online. It would be better for our self-esteem and sanity.

Contestant 6

I would add some offline functions that would allow users to chat to each other without needing an internet connection. This could be accomplished easily using Bluetooth technology. I often feel curious about the strangers around me, and if I had this function, I could get to know them more easily.

More importantly, as internet connections may not always be stable, having some offline functions could help to kill boredom when we run out of data, and even help us out if we’re in need but unable to get a signal.

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