If you could invent a public holiday, what would it be?

Compiled by Young Wang
Compiled by Young Wang |

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The Contestants


Contestant 1

I'd create National Gadgets-off Day. Whenever you have your phone with you, you're actually working in ways you don't notice. If we put them away like "in the old days", that would give us some proper rest. And instead of charging your gadgets, you can have your own self charged with solely spending quality time with friends and family.

Contestant 2

Imagine a day … where everything was in REVERSE! Now that'd be a wacky public holiday. I'd make it a national holiday, too. I can imagine all the chaos and fun involved in this day - students could turn into teachers, underwear could be worn on the outside, and instead of walking forward, we'd walk backwards! Come on, let's start the campaign now: National Reverse Day!

Contestant 3

I would invent Make the Homeless Smile Day. Everyone would take a day off from their daily routine and get together to hand out food, water, money and clothes to the homeless in exchange for smiles. The motive would be to spread happiness and love. This may also encourage a positive attitude when it comes to helping others.

Contestant 4

Who's to say that every day can't be a public holiday? Oh right, the government. Well, I guess I'll just have to dedicate my invented public holiday to the all-time king of prose: Roald Dahl. I'd have it on his birthday, September 13. His works have brought so much joy into our lives, especially kids, and he deserves a little bit of celebration, don't you think?

Contestant 5

Definitely Hong Kong Street Food Day. Celebrations would include egg-waffle-making and fish-ball-eating competitions, pineapple-bun-stacking games ... you name it! In addition, the festivities could feature not-so-traditional snacks, such as vegetarian versions of favourites (steamed vegetable skewers instead of sausages), or "modern" treats like frozen yogurt and sushi. What better way to honour our rich culinary heritage? Plus, it would be a delicious way to take a break from school.

Contestant 6

Let's face it: our daily routines can be boring. How often do people try something new? On National Try Something New Day, people will be encouraged to do something they would have never thought of doing before, and have a good time in the process. National TSN Day would be a time to recognise that you need more excitement in your life. As the saying goes, "You will never know if you like something unless you try it!"

Contestant 7

Students in Hong Kong have so much homework that they are busy even during the holidays. To ensure they are mentally healthy, I'd like to create a public holiday called Student Happy Day. On this day, students would have no tutorial classes or homework, so they could relax and do whatever they wished.

Contestant 8

Valentine's Day! Yes, it's "clichéd" and technically not a public holiday ... yet! Valentine's Day is not just a romantic day for couples. It's a holiday to be shared with your loved ones. It's that one day, every year, where you have an opportunity to express your love to whoever you want! It's definitely worth a public holiday, to spend quality time with the most important people in your life and show them that you care about them!

Contestant 9

How about a Rhythm Day? Everybody enjoys music, so what's better than having a public holiday focused on listening and dancing to music? It is said that music heals one's pain and improves one's mood; just imagine everyone singing their hearts out and twerking like Miley. OK, maybe we don't need more twerking.


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