Our Brain Game winner and her top three entries


Anna Wong, 14, from Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School, beat nine other contestants to win a Mobile Pixels Duex duo monitor

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The ultimate winner of this season’s Brain Game is Anna Wong, 14, from Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School, who beat nine other contestants and has won a Mobile Pixels Duex duo monitor! Below are her three best entries from the competition.

Round 3

If the Amazon rainforest could speak to the Pacific Ocean, what would it say?


Amazon Forest: You are so beautiful, so blue.

I wish I were half as beautiful as you.

How lucky you are,

To be filled with water.

Pacific Ocean: Lungs of the Planet,

You ungrateful thing!

People have given you a good name,

But they harm me and make me dirty.

Amazon Forest: At least you aren’t set ablaze.

Because of man-caused climate change,

These Lungs are damaged.

What use is it to be called beautiful?

Pacific Ocean: What a shame!

Both of us have the same fate,

Yet we are having this heated debate!

If the Amazon rainforest could speak to the Pacific Ocean, what would it say?

Round 8

Imagine waking up 30 years in the future and finding a note that says “I came all this way ... ” Continue the story.


I woke up and found myself in a small, unfurnished room. A sheet of paper lay near my head. On it was written, “I came all this way to power because of you. Thanks.”

I walked out of the room. A plump boy was staring at me.

“You’re awake! Don’t kill me!” he said

At the end of the corridor stood a matronly woman. She hurried towards me and began talking rapidly.

“Amelia, you’re awake! My horrible husband has been using you for 30 years to get to power and rule the entire world. He has been telling everyone that you have a weapon that could destroy every city on the planet, and that he kept you unconscious to keep the world at peace. All lies, I know. He has been feeding you Sleeping Draught potions. I’ve been wanting to run away from him for a long time, but I was worried about your safety. Now he’s fallen ill and put me in charge of giving you the potions. I have not. Now that you are awake, we must now overthrow him.”

The woman and I arrived at a room. Inside, her husband was sitting in front of dozens of cameras.

“You have been cheating everybody for years! Amelia Mills is no harm to anyone! You have been using an innocent girl for power!” boomed the woman.

“I got power because of you, don’t take it away!” he screeched.

The world believed the woman. In a fortnight, her husband was overthrown, and we lived happily ever after.

Imagine waking up 30 years in the future and finding a note that says “I came all this way ... ” Continue the story


Write a story that ends with “the clocks were striking 13”.


When Robert and Jack returned home to Pixievale, weary from their long travels, they were expecting a warm welcome.

Instead, the wise old pixie stared at them with haunted eyes.

“It has been terrible here. Skid, the bad elf, has taken over. He has taken all our magic powers. We wanted to overthrow him but he is holding little Milly for ransom. You are the only two left with magic. You must rescue her from Skid’s manor.”

“Don’t worry. We can change our appearances to get inside,” said Robert.

Clicking their fingers in unison, Robert and Jack grew taller. Their noses became crooked.

The wise pixie took them to the gate of the manor and bid them good luck.

Thanks to their disguises, they passed through the gate without trouble.

In the courtyard, Jack found a trapdoor leading downwards. They went in and descended the stairs. They had found the dungeons.

Meanwhile, a loud voice boomed from the manor. Even through the trapdoor, Robert and Jack could hear it clearly.

“I sense magic in Pixievale. If the culprit isn’t handed over by midnight, little Milly’s life will be ended.”

“We must hurry,” muttered Robert.

Jack found an old lamp on the floor. He tried to light it with magic, but after the camouflage spell, his magic reserves were too low.

“Jack, don’t get carried away. We don’t have time!” hissed Robert.

Out came a genie from the lamp. “You wish for more time. Wish granted,” said the genie calmly.

In his haste, Robert didn’t notice the genie. He ran down the narrow corridor. Jack followed, dropping the lamp on the way.

Jack and Robert went into the depths of the dungeons and found Milly lying on the ground, unconscious. Jack lifted her in his arms and they ran back through the dungeons. For an hour, they ran without stopping.

“Look!’ cried Jack. Dim light shone into the dungeons. A hooded figure emerged from steps of the trapdoor. It was Skid.

“Quickly!” whispered Robert, and they hurriedly hid behind a wall. Skid went past without seeing them.

Jack and Robert ran out of the trapdoor, then out of the manor gates. Their mission was complete. They looked at the manor’s clock tower. They realised what the genie had done. The clocks were striking 13.

Write a story that ends with "the clocks were striking 13"

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