Congratulations to the winners of our IISuperwomanII competition!

YP Team

So many great entries, so little time, and only four tickets to give away ... you sure didn't make it easy for us!

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YouTuber Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomanII, is bringing her Unicorn Island Tour to Hong Kong, and we gave you guys the chance to see her live tomorrow. We asked you to share with us your favourite IISuperwomanII video, and after many back-and-forth emails between the team, we finally have our winners.

Congratulations Francia Racquel Esteban and June Rippon! Francia and June have won a pair of titckets each to see IISuperwomanII at 8pm at the MacPherson Stadium tomorrow night! Thank you all for your entries, you really made it difficult for us to choose just two winners. We'll have more exciting competitions in the future, so don't worry! Better luck next time!

Here are their winner answers:


Francia Racquet Esteban, 16, St. Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

Generally speaking, I love all her videos and I can never deny that fact. Whenever I feel like falling and that nobody is able to bring me back to my feet, watching a video from her never fails to brighten up my day.

My particular favorite video from her is called “Let’s change the world featuring Team Super”, this is not just a typical video where she would stay in front of the camera and do her part but is actually the first ever video where she included a lot of her fans all around the world—whom she calls “Team Super”, to share their opinions on what they think a nice person is. I find the video very inspirational and touching since she wanted to make a change in the world with the helping hand of her fans, she is willing to influence people from around the world to start having an act of kindness through the words of Team Super, this shows that she has a true initiative to make the world a better place and I admire that from her. 

June Rippon, 12, Marymount Secondary School

As we all know, Superwoman is AWESOME. Her videos are EPIC and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to choose one! If I had to, though, it would HAVE to be... "Types of Laughs". Her "Types of" videos are THE BOMB. Hands down. I LITERALLY have to watch "Types of Laughs" at least once every day. At school, in the car, sitting on the toilet... you name it! I just love to laugh! And since laughter spreads... this video is just PERFECT! Her imitations of other people's laugh are just spot-on! I can totally relate to how Lilly feels when people laugh in such weird and annoying ways. Hats off to Superwoman for being so... well, SUPER! I love you Lilly, I can't get through a weekday without watching your videos. You are PERFECT. UNICORN FOREVER! But seriously, ALL YOUR VIDEOS ARE GREAT. I totally wrecked my brain choosing between them. Love you!