What one thing would you make colourful if you lived in a black-and-white world?

Adrian Seto (JR)
Adrian Seto (JR) |

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Contestant 1

The first thing that popped into my head was “this could be big money”. I’d make colour an exhibition in Hong Kong. It would contain many 4D rooms designed to look like you’re stepping into different, colourful places, like gardens and seascapes. 
This would attract many visitors who want to see colour in their lives again and the entry fee would be HK$250 each. The proceeds would then go towards college fees and charity organisations.

Contestant 2

I would colour the sky. The blue sky is too much of a constant in our lives. People who are tired or upset  feel much better when they look up at the sky. 
Also, people wouldn’t get bored looking at the sky as they would be able to see all the different shades of blue – a dark blue when it rains, a bright blue when it’s sunny, and blue-black when it gets dark. Blue can be a gender-neutral colour, too, so it’s good for both men and women. 

Contestant 3

I would colour the traffic lights, if we lived in a black-and-white world, because without them, you wouldn’t know when to drive and when to wait for the other vehicles to go first. 
Traffic lights also help people who are walking across the road, not just those who use a car.

Contestant 4

Rainbows! Imagine after a day of constant rain, you suddenly see a magnificent rainbow in the sky. It would put a big smile on your face.
If I lived in a black-and-white world, I know that seeing the multicoloured arc appear across the sky would definitely add a bit of “colour” to my day (get it?).

Contestant 5

Light. Regardless of what colour it might be, the most important thing about light is its contrast with the dark and the infinite shades of grey it creates. 3D objects can’t exist without the colour grey, and this applies to society as well. 
The world that we live in is way too multifaceted for us to think in extremes – it’s all shades of grey.

Contestant 6

Endangered species. Colour would emphasise their uniqueness, their rarity, their abilities and lifestyles. 
It would give these species the attention they deserve and make them stand out to people who will want them to thrive. It’s only when we’re in danger of losing beauty that we start to realise how much we want  it, right?

Contestant 7

Flowers, without a doubt – they are so pretty to look at. Making them colourful would help brighten up anyone’s mood. 
Looking at brightly coloured flowers can help you relax, and then you’ll forget whatever it is that is making you depressed or feel like you want to punch a hole in a wall.

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