If you could run the world, what would you change?

Adrian Seto (JR)

Thanks to junior reporter Joy Pamnani for suggesting this question!

Adrian Seto (JR) |

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The contestants


Contestant 1

I would separate the entire population into five factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite, which is exactly the same as the dystopian world described in the Divergent trilogy.

In my world, all the children would live under a “safe bubble”, and all of them would be kept far, far away from harm. And by harm I don’t mean physical harm, but the truth. Because often times, learning about the truth has severe consequences – both on a micro and macro level.

For instance, as a young child, it’s impossible for us to understand the passing of a family member or a pet. It’s during times like these that our parents will tell us these “white lies” about how they’ve gone to a much better place or that they just fell under a sleeping curse of some sort.

Contestant 2

I would change the lifestyle of poor people and provide them with enough food, water, clothes and other essentials because I feel like everyone should be valued the same. It isn’t fair that poor people have fewer things while others have more simply because of how much money they have, so I would change the lifestyle of poor people if I could run the world.

Contestant 3

If I were to run the world, I would remake the earth into a united world where there would be no separate countries but a single nation. No racism, no sexism, no discrimination. For the sake of humanity, we cannot be fighting each other for power, vengeance, and money. Just imagine if you were an alien looking for an intelligent species, and you came upon humans. What would you see? Hatred, death, and war. Would you really want to come into contact with such a dense species? Despite our intelligence, we, as humans, choose to fight each other. It is absurd!

Contestant 4

I would like to revise laws on cyber bullying around the world. I hate it when people bully one another online, especially when the person bullying you has no connection to you whatsover. How do they even find out about you – they don’t even know you exist, and then they start talking nonsense online, telling people how bad you are or making fun of you. Cyber bullying is getting worse and there should be some global rules to deal with this problem, like jailing people or other consequences that make these bullies stop and think about what they’re doing.

Contestant 5

For starters, I’d place ice cream and hot chocolate dispensers in schools. I’d make sloths the global animal, and use my fame to promote equality among races and genders.

Next, I’d declare that any form of crime is strictly prohibited. I’d spend a lot of money on community centres where poorer people can go and do work that helps society. I’d ban all firearms that are not for the police. I would stop all religious influence on governments. I’d set up a teacher foundation in poorer parts of the world to educate teachers because knowledge and education are essential for building a better world.

These are just the beginnings of what I think a utopian society might look like.

Contestant 6

Terrorism. It is the reason why many people are living in fear, and terrorism is why our world is now being destroyed with hatred, misunderstandings and peace of world. From an economic perspective, it affects the development of countries as tourists won’t go to countries that are at high risk of terror attacks. When terrorists blow things up, they damage the country’s infrastructure, and this damages individuals, the economy and the culture of the country.

A lot of attacks are planned as acts of revenge. But often, these are caused by simple misunderstandings, leading to the deaths of lots of innocent people. If I could run the world, I would stop terrorism.

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