Dress Katy Competition entry by Charlotte Khanna

By Charlotte Khanna, 11, Hong Kong Academy

We asked our readers to come up with a costume design for Katy to wear in concert and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

By Charlotte Khanna, 11, Hong Kong Academy |

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This is my deisgn dress/outfit that I designed that I would like Katy Perry to wear. This dress is a short dress with a second piece which is like a cut out back of a gown. This second piece will just be attached to the waist part of the short dress/skirt. The short dress will be sparkley silver with sparkley gold lining. The second piece will be a clear, but not plastic clear because it will then we unconfortable. Because of previous preformances for the witness tour, I tried to make this dress/outfit diffrent. I didn't make anything with square or stripes, I didn't make anything that was like a jumpsuit, and I didn't make anything that was a big dress. I have noticed that Katy Perry moves around whilst singing so I decided to make the short dress and second piece loose. I also drew some earrings dangling earrings because I thought it would match the outfit/dress very nicely. This dress/outfit may seen simple but it is comfortable and it is not to fancy at the same time, if you (youngpost) has any ideas that you could add onto this, you are free to do so. From what I have seen so far from Katy Perrys concert outfits online, she has never worne anything like this. Hope you like this. I also hope I get to see Katy Perry!

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