If face masks could talk, what would they say to Hongkongers?


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If face masks could talk, what would they say to the people of Hong Kong?

Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

“Hey! You aren’t using me correctly!” I’d imagine that face masks would be disappointed by the number of Hongkongers that don’t use their face masks in the right way: leaving their noses exposed, not sealing them correctly, or reusing a used mask. With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, the masks that we hope can protect  us can’t live up to their full potential if people  aren’t using them correctly.

Contestant 2

I’m the last surgical face mask available and I’m not going to last long. My brothers (the blue chaps) and sisters (the Hello Kitty ones) were lost to the bad breath and phlegm of frantic people who think we can save them from the coronavirus – I fear I’m next. Yes, you need to protect yourself, but we surgical masks can’t do it all (that’s a job for my high-tech cousin, the N-95). So I beg you humans out there, keep clean, don’t fight over us, and don’t use us as currency. Don’t “wear us out”!

Contestant 3

Hongkongers, I hereby pledge my allegiance to you. My last breath will be used to help shield you against germs. With me, you will surely win the battle against the new coronavirus and continue to do good deeds. But I have one simple request: let me die with glory and dignity. Encase me in a tissue coffin, so the germs will forever be buried deep along with my body.

Contestant 4

Hongkongers, you may be wearing us to protect yourselves, but we need to tell you the truth. Wearing us will not fully protect you from catching the deadly coronavirus. If you want to avoid getting the disease, you still need to wash your hands as often as possible and avoid crowded places, especially ones that are poorly ventilated.

Contestant 5

I’d like you to know what it’s like to be used. Before the arrival of the virus, you were using me to protect you from tear gas and to hide your identity. Now, you need me again to protect you from this deadly disease. What would you do without me? I am being used like your slave and soon there might not be any of me left. I hope you remember how precious I am every time you put me on, and please remember what I did for you even after you no longer need me.

Contestant 6

I think the face masks would ask Hongkongers to not be selfish and be more considerate when buying them. They’d understand that you fear you will run out of them and want to buy extra, but would remind you that other people need them, too. I think they would also want to ask shopkeepers not to overcharge customers for them. (They might also tell us off for spreading false information that they can be steamed and reused.)

Contestant 7

You think your life is stressful? What about mine? Lately, mine’s been like a roller coaster ride. First I was banned by the government, now they are demanding everyone wear me. I’ve become a rare and expensive commodity and am now responsible for protecting millions of people around the world from a deadly virus. If you want to make my life a little easier, please maintain good personal hygiene, avoid crowded areas, and stay home as much as possible. Come on Hong Kong, let’s bounce back together!

Contestant 8

I think they would probably remind Hongkongers how to wear and dispose of them properly, as not everyone may know. I think they’d also ask us all to not get violent when buying them in shops. Finally, they would most definitely ask us all to remind each other  how important it is to wear  them every time we go out.

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