Belinda Ng's 11 thoughts the night before school starts

By Belinda Ng, 15, South Island School
By Belinda Ng, 15, South Island School |

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  1.  I cannot even believe this... but i miss the cafeteria food. 
  2. Please...please... let this term be a good one.... let my new teachers be nice... let me ace my exams...
  3. The beauty sleep was good whilst it lasted. 
  4. I wonder whether my friends had a nice summer? (secretly so jealous of everyone who went overseas for so long) 
  5. Where did I put my uniform? Is it even ironed? 
  6. I can't seem find anything that is supposed to go in my school bag.
  7. Oh no... was I supposed to finish this chapter? Did they even teach this whole unit? 
  8. Dear whoever determines school holidays, please make summers last five months next time. 
  9. Let the race begin. 
  10. WAIT WE HAD TO COMPLETE THIS FOR HOMEWORK?! (slams fist periodically on the table in frustration)
  11. Calls classmate: What is the schedule for tomorrow? Yeah I have no idea what is going on... you too? oh well.. #yolo.