Valentine's Day 2020 writing competition: Finalist 6


We asked our readers to write a 100-word story about love. Here is one of our shortlisted entries. It has not been edited


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The first message: 7th February

“Did you know that horses run around on their fingernails?”

    “Who are you?”

    “Isaac. I sit behind you during Chemistry class.”

    “Funny, I don’t recall giving you my phone number.”

    “I have my ways. Talk later, Eva.”

    “The name’s Ava.”

    “I know.”

A million texts and two years later: 7th February

    “Wanna know something?”


    “Today’s the day I first texted you, two years ago.”

    “Wait, really?”

    “Yup. You wanna know something else?”


    “Loving you was the second best thing I did in my entire life.”

    “Only second?”

    “Yeah. Finding you was the first.”