If you could take fame away from one celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Compiled by Young Wang
Compiled by Young Wang |

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The contestants



Contestant 1

Justin Bieber. The guy who attracted millions of teenage girls with his amazing voice and cute face a few years back is now equally hated.

Justin was such a charming person but he's become this bad guy who is said to have taken drugs and could end up in jail. Definitely, none of his fans would have ever wanted this to happen!

Contestant 2

I could go with the obvious - Hitler, Mao or even Kim Kardashian. But, in hard times like these, I have to go with Zayn Malik. Only because if he weren't famous, then I and millions of other fans around the world, wouldn't have fallen for his drop-dead gorgeous looks, his soulful, soothing voice and his amazing personality. He left One Direction, tearing apart hearts all over the world. He was amaZayn, and if he wasn't famous in the first place, thousands of fans would have their hearts still in one piece.

Contestant 3

A month ago, my answer would have been different, probably Taylor-Minaj-Bieber of the Third Reich (which all warrant the explanation that they don't deserve fame, and that they don't use it correctly). My current answer, out of sheer annoyance, is Donald Trump. Get off my newsfeed. When it's 2016 and you have a decent following and a real shot, we can talk.

Contestant 4

It would most probably be Kim Kardashian. How on earth can anyone become famous for being "famous"? Being famous means being a role model, and it scares me to think people would look up to her. Sorry, save the fame for someone who truly has talent or a passion to make the world a better place - those selfies aren't doing any good for the world.

Contestant 5

Without a doubt, it would have to be one of the Kardashians. And the worst is Kris Jenner. I don't think that a horrible role model with absolutely no talent should become a celebrity. She is an irresponsible mother, and thanks to her, people hate her daughters. They have become the laughing stock of Hollywood.

Contestant 6

I would make Bruce Lee lose his fame. Why? Because he was just a normal human being with an amazing ability in kung fu. But anyone can master martial arts, not just Bruce Lee! So if I become a kung fu expert, everyone's going to bow down in respect? Bring it on, Bruce Lee.

Contestant 7

Lady GAGA.

gaga: slightly (or, in this case, completely) mad, typically as a result of old age, infatuation, or excessive enthusiasm. Get it? The answer is in the name. GAGA. I'm speechless. She's weird. She's wrong. It's all wrong. I mean, steaks? Real, live, raw steaks? Oh wow. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Contestant 8

Madonna! First of all - mean but true - the fact that she can't sing and there are many other singers out there who can actually sing and aren't famous yet. In my view, for a person who can't sing, at least their songs should be worthy of really being called songs. However, this is not the case with Madonna. She has no voice and her music videos are useless!

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