Kooza Competition entry by Tse Won-huen

By Tse Won-huen, 14, The MCHK Wesley College

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited

By Tse Won-huen, 14, The MCHK Wesley College |

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To me, every circus act is spectacular, entertaining and sometimes humorous. But when I was asked what act I would perform if I am part of the circus, I would probably perform the high wire. Why? Because I have been a terpsichorean for many years and I am valiant enough to do pirouettes and sautes (means to jump in French) on a tightrope. This is extremely exciting for a thriller like me! The high wire requires the skill of balance and suppleness and most of all, persistent practice for years, which is similar to a terpsichorean’s practice, but at a higher degree of complexity. As for the audience, I bet they will be amazed when they see me and my partner dancing gracefully and performing a play on a tightrope without falling down from heights. They may think our act is breath-taking and impressive. Also, we may receive a big round of applause from the audience.

If I became a famous tightrope walker, I would put on a periwinkle blue bodysuit with an open diamond-shaped keyhole neckline, a knee length, frost blue, sheer skirt and pale blue, silk ballet shoes. I will climb up the ladder gracefully while waving to the audience. Then I will perform a fusion dance with my partner. After that, my partner and I will perform a play called “Macbeth vs Macduff”. We will grab two lances and pretend to fight with each other just like in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Last but not least, we will come down from the ladder safely and bow to the audience to show that we are professional.

The high wire is a popular act in circuses for centuries. I hope that through this play plus tightrope fusion performance can bring a new experience to the audience.

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