How would you explain Tidal to 18th-century composer Mozart?


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Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post. Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a pair of Apple AirPods Pro.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

“A musical Netflix?” I ask. Mozart returns a blank expression.

I groan. This guy sure is getting on my nerves.

I love classical music. When I was given the chance to meet Mozart, I was jumping with joy. But as he emerged from his grave, he was more thrilled at being in 2020, not meeting his biggest fan.

His first question to me was about 21st-century music.

I talked to him about the hip hop and rap scene that’s taken over 2020. He was intrigued by “Kanze Pest” and  “Hey C”, and was dying to hear their music. I brought up Tidal, the music streaming service, which makes their songs accessible from 7,000 kilometres away.

Now, he just won’t stop with the questions.

“OK, I’ve got it!” I shout. His ears perk up.

“You love dumplings, don’t you”? A drop of saliva emerges from his mouth. I take that as a yes.

“Well, Tidal is basically your membership at Ballroom Dumpling in Vienna. You pay 9 Gulden every month for whatever you want to eat. Just like how you pay 9 Gulden for Tidal and can listen to the music you want, whenever  and wherever, as long as you have the internet!”

Mozart gets it. He nods his head vigorously.

“But tell me, what’s the internet?”

Contestant 2

Hey Mozart, I heard that you’ve been down on your luck promoting music, not to mention making ends meet. I understand – the market’s competitive and Covid-19 scares concertgoers. Don’t worry – I’ve got the perfect solution for you: Tidal! 

It’s a platform where gifted artists like you share music with more than 3 million subscribers, anywhere, anytime. It’ll make you popular like a rising tide, as not only will it bring your songs to your diehard fans, but also introduce them to new listeners! Yes – your music may even be featured in multiple playlists to attract a wider audience base, so everyone will know what a talented musician you are! 

You’ll also get paid around  HK$0.1 per stream, so meeting the minimum wage won’t be difficult – perhaps more lucrative than selling CDs! Time and tide wait for no one, take action to be as happy as a clam at high tide!

Contestant 3 

Picture this: people from all over the world concurrently listening to your laudable classics as they go about their day. Sounds neat,  doesn’t it? 

Well, this is the reality I’m in and let me  fill you in on this technological wonder. I  can’t imagine my life without any music, but we don’t really have the time to listen to live concerts all the time, so that’s where Tidal swoops in to brighten up my gloomy day. 

Tidal is one of the most exclusive music and video-streaming services right now, with state-of-the-art sound and picture quality. (Just imagine being able to record your compositions and play them back again and again as if you were performing them live!) All I need to do is subscribe to Tidal and pay to unlock all its different features – a small price to pay for a service of this calibre! Thanks to Tidal, we  could all take a step into the past and enjoy  your classics!

Contestant 4  

Mozart, my man! I seriously appreciate your enthusiasm for music, I mean you played big pieces on the piano fluently at the age of five!  At the age of five, I didn’t even know what a piano was! 

Fast-forward to 2020, big music companies are taking over the music world. For example, there’s this music-streaming company called Tidal. You can listen to music, maybe even  yours, if you pay Tidal monthly. Tidal is owned  by this awesome dude called Jay-Z (No, I am not saying you’re not cool, but this guy’s the father of rap!) 

Wait … you still don’t understand? OK, fine I’ll explain it better. Tidal is like an infinite ocean of music, with 60 million tracks and 240,000 music videos which give limitless possibilities. 

Tidal offers you songs by the touch of your finger and supposedly offers more opportunities to music artists than other music companies!

Edited by Pete Spurrier 

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