Brain Game: If you could send a text to Hong Kong's Secretary for Education, what would you say?

  • Each week, our readers vote for their favourite answer and the contestant with the least votes is eliminated
  • This week, they imagine what they would say if they could text the city's head of education, Kevin Yeung 
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What would you say if you were given the opportunity?

Contestant 1

Hey! Now that you’ve implemented national security education in schools, I have a new proposal for you: nap time.

Sleep helps students learn better, but most of the students at my school get less than six hours of sleep. We have soooooo much homework to do (ok, and maybe a bit of Netflix).

I think you should make schools give their students an hour of nap time every day. Or at least free coffee.

Contestant 2

Hello, Secretary for Education Mr Kevin Yeung,

I am a Hong Kong student. I appreciate the restrictions imposed on both students and teachers as they returned to school this week.

All teachers have to undergo regular Covid-19 tests. This may help prevent the virus from spreading among students. But at the same time, I think the curbs can be eased for secondary school students because they have a heavy workload.

They have a lot of self-discipline so I am sure they all have good personal hygiene habits.

Best wishes,
Student from Hong Kong

Contestant 3

Mr Yeung, you say numerous times that you don’t believe that politics should be brought into schools, yet you don’t practise what you preach.

You’ve banned certain songs and discussions at school on account of their being “political propaganda”, but insist other things must be covered.

If you truly believe that politics shouldn’t be brought into schools, surely ALL political material should be banned?

Contestant 4

Dear Mr Yeung,

For god’s sake, please close schools once again. I am sick of taking chemistry exams every two weeks and then failing them.

But if they are going to stay open, we need more. We’re going to school, but we can’t eat together or socialise. If restaurants are fully open now, why can’t students at least have lunch together in school?

Yours sincerely,
A miserable student

Contestant 5

What an honour, to be able to send a text to the almighty Mr Kevin Yeung.

I must say I’m a huge fan of your policies and decisions, considering you’ve been telling us to stay at home and isolate ourselves from society.

Huh? You think I’m being sarcastic? Pfft, of course not! After all, no one dares to disobey you, so keep this chaotic mess going!

Contestant 6

Hello, thank you for cancelling the Form Three TSA this year. This really reduces a lot of work, such as doing past papers for the exam.

But while you’re at it, please allow us to have whole-day lessons as soon as possible. I really miss having lunch with my friends at school.

Contestant 7

Hey Mr Yeung. Just wanted to ask you a question. I was researching the law recently for an assignment and need some clarification. What does free speech mean to you?

“Withholding information” from deserving students as part of “an all-round education” is slightly confusing, to say the least.

Anyway, let me know soon as time is ticking!

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