Brain Game: If you could do a collab with Billie Eilish, what would the song be about?

  • Each week, our readers vote for their favourite answer and the contestant with the least votes is eliminated
  • This week, contestants say what type of song they would create with 'Bad Guy' singer Billie Eilish 
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What kind of music would you like to create with superstar Billie Eilish?

Contestant 1

We would make a song promoting vegetarianism or veganism. Billie Eilish has been a vegan for seven years and is a keen animal rights activist. So it would be great to produce a duet with her, encouraging people to follow an eco-friendly diet.

Contestant 2

I would do a collaboration called Visibly Invisible about the fact that many people feel that they are invisible. The song would talk about how in fact some people do not realise that they are actually painfully visible – and entirely ignored.

Contestant 3

The song would be about teenage problems, including mental health issues and the pressure from parents and teachers. As Billie and I are both teenagers, we would be able to convey our thoughts in a beautiful way. 

Contestant 4

I would definitely choose a remix of Billie’s Bad Guy and Ocean Eyes because they are my favourite songs! Such a number would provide a brand new perspective for fans, who would no doubt welcome such  a change. 

Contestant 5

I would want to do a song about wanting to stay in my own bubble and setting up walls against the world. This is because we both feel that we get judged, even if we follow what we are being told to do. 

Hopefully our collaboration would explore the anxiety we face as we move forward in life, and the need to isolate from others.

Contestant 6

I think I’m quite a “crazy” person, so our song would be about unleashing our free spirits and celebrating life. 

We’d have great fun doing naughty things and getting away with it. We’d be deliriously happy as our lives rushed along at breakneck speed.

Contestant 7

I feel that we live in a world filled with sadness. So we need a song that would give us a sense of hope and help us fight the pandemic. 

I would partner with Billie and come up with a soca song – soca is a form of calypso music that became popular in the 1970s. I hope this kind of music would encourage doctors and nurses around the world who are battling the virus, and offer support to those who have lost their loved ones to Covid-19.

We would ask people to create clips at home to thank the medical workers and include some of them in our music video.

We could also take inspiration from songs that are trending right now, such as Peaches by Justin Bieber.

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