Brain Game: If you could create a new planet, how would you name and design it? (Round 5)

  • The writing competition starts with 10 contestants, who are eliminated one at a time based on a combination of your votes and YP Editors’ picks – who will you choose?
  • This week, contestants share their ideas for a new planet, such as one for extinct animals to live or for people to meet fictional characters like Harry Potter
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If you could easily create another habitable planet, you would be able to solve many problems we face on Earth. Illustration: Shutterstock

Read through the responses to this week’s Brain Game prompt, and choose which answer you like most. Based on a combination of your votes and YP Editors’ picks, we will eliminate one contestant from the competition.

Contestant 1

If I could design a new planet, it would be named Rebirth. This planet would be around the same size as Earth, with a similar atmosphere, oxygen level and gravity. Aside from that, this planet would be distinct. While the inhabitants would mostly be human beings, the new planet would also be home for extinct animals like dodo birds and woolly mammoths.

Scientists have been trying to use genome editing to bring back extinct species, but this could be dangerous for Earth as it might disturb the existing food chain and even cause other animals to go extinct. On Rebirth, however, when the species are brought to life, they would be released into the unpolluted habitats on the planet, and they could reproduce without threatening other life forms. This would give animals who did not survive on Earth a second chance to live.

Contestant 2

I would name it The Never Warming Planet. This planet never gets warm no matter how much fossil fuels humans burn. There would also be plenty of plants and trees, so the air would be clean and fresh.

On Earth, global warming has become more serious in recent years, causing people and animals to suffer from abnormally heavy rain, more typhoons and other extreme weather. The only way to slow down global warming is to lower our carbon emissions by burning fewer fossil fuels, but people today can barely live without doing this. However, on The Never Warming Planet, we would be able to use fossil fuels to maintain our everyday lives without harming the environment.

The amount of fossil fuels we burn has led to our current climate crisis. Photo: Reuters

Contestant 3

I would create a planet larger than Earth called Eden. On the planet, scrumptious fruits would grow, just like in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. Oxygen and plants would also exist everywhere on this planet.

The fruits there would be tastier and healthier than all the food on Earth. After people try them, they will no longer want to eat other food. Eden would be near Earth, so people could easily visit and get more fruit.

With a plentiful supply of food, people would not have to starve or suffer from famine any more. Moreover, people would not have to kill animals for their meat. That would fulfil every vegetarian’s wish and make the Earth a more peaceful place to live!

Contestant 4

On my planet, called Fantasy Dream, there would be a gathering of fictional characters from all sorts of books – for example, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, as well as Aslan and the children from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Creatures thought to exist only in legends like phoenixes and centaurs would soar and frolic about on this planet!

Such a planet would allow us to speak to these fictional characters, and we could even learn an alternative moral from the original stories by speaking to the villains. Visitors would also be able to witness moments that did not make it into the books – like duels between fictional characters from different works. They would even learn skills from the characters.

Which characters from your favourite series would you like to meet? Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Contestant 5

Aliza Deputy’s Fantasy Realm would be a planet based on fantasy stories that I write.

There, people would be able to use magic and have weapons like flaming swords. The atmosphere in that world would be similar to Earth’s, and it would have medieval countries and fantastical creatures like genies, dragons and demons. High rises would not exist on this planet – there would only be nature, mountains and towns. People would also be able to travel to other planets through portals.

But most importantly, this would be a realm where I write and publish my fantasy stories. This planet is a place to realise my wildest dreams, and I would be able to escape the harshness of reality.

Contestant 6

My new planet would be named Nouveau Monde, which means “new world” in French. The planet would be 10 times larger than Earth. It would be divided into five areas.

The first would be called the Invention Zone. As the name suggests, people could invent new items with advanced technology to make the planet a better place. On its left would be Play Zone, a theme park where people would enjoy themselves after a long day of work or study. To the west of Play Zone would be Rest Zone, where comfortable bedding is provided. Citizens would have quality sleep there.

The last area, the Work and Study Zone, would lie to the south of the Rest Zone. It would be the biggest area because Nouveau Monderians who are not inventors or service providers, would be completing their tasks here.

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