Brain Game: Meet this season’s winner, Yanie Li Yan-yin from Evangel College, and apply to join the next round

  • The 11-year-old shares how the writing competition gave her the confidence to write in English and transformed her into an eco-friendly person
  • Show off your creativity by entering the next round of our contest, where you could win some awesome prizes
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Congratulations to the winner of our latest Brain Game competition! Photo: Shutterstock

If you love a challenge and want a chance to win some great prizes, we are looking for 10 new writers to take part in the next season of Brain Game!

Click here for the form to apply. The entry question is: If you could create a new emoji, what would it be?

The deadline is at 11.59pm on August 26. We will tell the contestants we’ve chosen on August 27.

Every week, my school would give us a Young Post to read and learn English. In particular, I enjoyed reading the creative answers in the Brain Game page, and I would vote for my favourite contestant.

As I am just a primary school, I did not feel confident about my English. But when last season ended, I decided to challenge myself and joined the writing competition. At that time, I never thought I would be the next winner.

I always tried to learn from other contestants who submitted quality answers with good English. I would study their ways of expression and apply them to my own writings.

Each round, I found the questions became harder and harder, from extinct animals, NFTs to environment issues. It was not easy to think of a surprising and persuasive idea. Therefore, I would do different research on the topic to look for some inspiration. To make my writing more diverse and interesting, I would also use synonyms in the sentences.

The most impressive question was the final one – what would you say to a time traveller from the 1990s? I spent a lot of time thinking of a logical idea. But my mind was blank. I could not think of what and why I should say. So I started looking for the problems existing in today’s world and I found a lot of articles about global warming – that is how I came up with my last round’s submission.

Joining the brain game not only improved my writing skills, but also changed myself. The final question helped me understand more about the Earth’s problem and the importance of environmental friendly. I started to concern more about the environment. Even during the humid summer days, I still seldom open the air-conditioner. I also drink less carton drinks.

Although I have to rack my brain and write a piece of writing every week, I still highly encourage you to join the next season of brain game. What you will learn is more than you can imagine. Just do not hesitate, try it on!

Here are the prizes that our top three contestants won:

  • Winner: HK$400 Eslite voucher, HK$300 ParknShop coupon, and a YP certificate

  • First runner-up: HK$300 Eslite voucher, HK$200 ParknShop coupon, and a YP certificate

  • Second runner-up: HK$100 Eslite voucher, HK$200 ParknShop coupon, and a YP certificate

We’re looking for companies to sponsor prizes for Brain Game. Interested parties should email [email protected] .

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