Take a look at our final Show Off photo and see what’s in store for the new school year

  • This week is Young Post’s last photo caption competition; starting next week, we’re bringing you a brand-new page called The Lens
  • For the new page, we’ll choose a photo from the news and ask you to send us your thoughts on the picture – the top responses will be published
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Our Show Off page will be replaced by a news-focused photo prompt. Illustration: Shutterstock

Thank you for all your funny captions and contributions in the past year! Starting with our coming September issue, we are replacing Show Off with a brand-new page called The Lens.

Each week, we will choose a photo from the news and provide questions to help you dive deeper into the topic. We’ll ask you to write to us about your thoughts on the issue, so we can select our favourite response to publish in the next edition. We’re looking forward to reading what you have to say about important events around the world!

Best captions from last week’s contest

The “Disney Stitch vs Pixar Aliens” installation on display at Times Square in Causeway Bay. Photo: Esther Cheung

Valerie Shek Sze-ai, 11: Hide! Stop peeking! We are under attack!

Anson Ng Wai-yan, 11: When you’re invisible, you can gobble up delicious food when no one is looking.

Taylor Ho, 12: I didn’t know that aliens were planning to take over the world of food.

Aviroop De, 10: We’re in the middle of a food fight – we just can’t see who we are fighting!

York Cheng, 11: Stop polluting the planet, or else we will be stuck in these plastic bags!

Emily Lee Tsoi-yi, 15: Introducing you to Disney’s latest game.

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