Brain Game: If you could invent a new flavour of any food, what would it be, and why? (Round 1)

  • Our writing competition starts with 10 students, who are eliminated one at a time based on your votes and YP editors’ picks – who will you choose?
  • This week, contestants share their unique ideas for new food flavours, such as vegetables that taste like chocolate and ice cream that feels like motivation
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Food scientists are able to make a lot of unusual flavours in their labs, but that doesn’t mean all of them will be tasty. Photo: Shutterstock

Read through the responses to this week’s Brain Game prompt, and choose which answer you like most. Based on your votes and YP editors’ picks, we will eliminate one contestant from the competition.

Contestant 1

Chocolate-flavoured spinach. Its nutritional value would stay the same, but the flavour could be dark or milk chocolate. I like vegetables, but many children and young people don’t. It would be intriguing if vegetables tasted like chocolate; then more people could be persuaded to eat healthy food and stay healthy.

Contestant 2

Mealworm flavour. Some say insects are a good source of protein, but others think the idea is simply disgusting. The new mealworm flavour would be umami (or pleasant savoury taste) with a nutty aftertaste. It could encourage people to overcome their fear of eating insects.

Contestant 3

Traditional candy and coconut wrap [糖蔥餅] flavoured ice cream. When I was a child, I would go with my late great grandma to buy freshly prepared pancakes from a street stall every Sunday. It’s unfortunate that these stalls are no longer there, but the kind of ice cream mentioned above would certainly be a meaningful way to bring back past memories.

Contestant 4

A new flavour named “dream”. It would be sour with a sweet aftertaste. When chasing our dreams, we may face obstacles from our family and friends. Despite the frustrations, we can overcome the hurdles and eventually enjoy the sweet taste of success.

Contestant 5

A motivation-flavoured ice cream. It would be a sensation stemming from people’s experiences. People will feel the energy flowing through their bodies as the icy dessert chills their brain and its creaminess fills their hearts with hope. Motivation is essential to inspire the soul and to keep going despite immense exhaustion and pain.

Contestant 6

Arctic glacier-flavoured candy. In recent years, the world has experienced rising temperatures and climate change, but many people just turn a blind eye to it. I hope the glacier flavour can remind people about the dangers of global warming and that they will take action to bring it under control.

Contestant 7

A soil-flavoured cake. In many poor countries, there is a shortage of food and resources for people. I hope the soil-flavoured cake can raise awareness about their plight and persuade people to treasure what they have.

Contestant 8

Salmon-flavoured candy. Salmon has a lot of vitamins and minerals, and if we turn it into flavoured candy, then it might encourage kids to eat salmon. Though it may taste a bit weird, people need to get more creative and come up with healthier flavours.

Contestant 9

Ice cream-flavoured bubblegum. I really love ice cream, but I can’t eat it during winter because I’ll get a brain freeze. Therefore, the new bubblegum flavour would save me the trouble and allow me to enjoy my favourite dessert whatever the temperature!

Contestant 10

Berry-flavoured gingerbread man cookies. A cookie can be divided into three parts to include three different flavours of the juicy fruit, along with small pieces of berry to make it chewy. With Christmas approaching, the refreshing new flavour would be a big hit among people.

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