Young Post’s Best of the Month Awards for December: students write about the World Cup, hotpot at school, and more

  • Every month, we choose the best letters, debates and creative comments we have received from our readers
  • In December, our winners discussed the ugly truth behind an international sporting event and the importance of having hotpot at school canteens
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Congratulations to all the students who won awards this month! Photo: Shutterstock

Happy Lunar New Year from everyone at Young Post! As we hop into the new year, we would like to thank you, our readers, for your support and all of the creative and introspective submissions you sent to us. We wish you happiness, good health and a bright year ahead.

Best Letter

Emily Cen Weirou from Independent Schools Foundation (Secondary) won Best Letter for dissecting the ugly truth behind the Fifa World Cup and diving into the exploitative and perilous working conditions faced by the migrant workers who built the stadiums and other infrastructure for the sporting event in Qatar.

Valerie Jazmín Caballero García, Colegio Biffi La Salle wrote an insightful letter about the power of words in activism, highlighting how authors throughout history have used their writing to amplify calls for justice and transformation.

Most Creative

Angela Leung from Canossa College won the Most Creative award for her thoughtful idea of having hotpot at school canteens to help students relax and gather together amid the busy school day.

Best Face Off

Chinny Kwok from West Island School was our best debater in December for her argument about how smaller class sizes are not always better for students.

Best Insight

Valerie Shek from Independent Schools Foundation gave the best insight on the heated Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. Her submission to The Lens page accused the couple of trying to use the public’s sympathy to earn money.

Most Engaged School

Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) is without a doubt the winner of this award. Last December, its students made more than 20 submissions to our pages, and four of them were published!

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