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Threasa Chan Tsz-ki , 14, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

One day I was reading a book at home. Suddenly, someone was kicking my chair and I turned around to see that it was my father, “Daughter, what do you think I’ve bought for you?” He shook the bag in his hand. “Wow! It’s tortoises – one big and one small”. I jumped up excitedly. I hurriedly ran to take out a basin, filled it with water and put the two tortoises in the basin. I watched them swimming freely in the water.

The longer I stay with the tortoises, the more I love them.

The little tortoise was very cute. It has an armour-like shell to protect itself. If you touch its short tail with your hand, it will immediately stretch its neck and reveal its small head. Its pair of mung-bean-sized eyes keep looking around the house, like a guard standing outside a bank. Also, look at the small, pointed mouth of the elder one! It must be as gluttonous as I am! Its four short legs run very fast, and its claws are also very sharp. It will hurt you if you touch it.

They can be very naughty sometimes. I remembered one time when I was feeding them, the big tortoise raised my neck and bit my fingers. Hey! I looked at it helplessly and thought, “It’s really a glutton!” “Don’t you want to keep it for the little turtle?” I asked it gently. It rolled its eyes as if it was really pondering upon my question. It was just so cute and innocent that I dared not to disappoint it. Instead, I added some meat strips to them so that they didn’t have to scramble for food!

These are my lovely turtles. They are adorable, aren’t they?

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