New curriculum may solve problem

Susan Ramsay
Susan Ramsay |

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The HKCEE results were released recently to both smiles and tears. Some potentially straight-A students were shocked to find they barely passed.

And there were students who, despite spending a lot of time studying, did poorly.

Society is not kind to those with poor grades. Parents can't stand it when their friends' or colleagues' children get higher grades than their children. They think tutorials are the answer.

I'm not saying grades are not important, but they shouldn't control a person's life. Schools shouldn't just focus on grades. They should look at other aspects as well.

The world isn't working because of the knowledge gained from textbooks. It is working because people use their different talents to get things done.

Caleb Lin

From the Editor

Thanks for your letter, Caleb. The current system of exams certainly puts a lot of pressure on students, and you're right when you say parents worry.

This idea that good exam results are the only thing that counts has come from an examination-oriented society. That might have been suitable in the old days, but employers now want people who are able to think for themselves, not be spoonfed every detail.

This kind of rote learning will undermine Hong Kong's competitiveness as our businesses decline in future.

Hopefully, the New Senior Secondary curriculum will go a long way towards correcting this kind of thinking.

Susan, Editor