Show respect for wildlife

By Susan Ramsay
By Susan Ramsay |

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To show respect for nature, we should help protect the enormous diversity of life in central Africa. We cannot underestimate our influence in this global village. Sometimes little things can have a big effect on the world.

Hongkongers lack concern for nature. We seldom think about the consequences our actions have on wildlife. We buy luxury goods such as fur and leather products, without considering how the animals have suffered. We only enjoy the beautiful side of an ivory product, and never think about the pain it caused the elephants.

Maybe this attitude is partly because we lack opportunities to explore nature. We don't have many chances to connect with it, so we don't value wildlife. Both the government and non-governmental organisations need to educate people. Citizens should know the consequences of buying fur, leather and ivory products.

Also, Hong Kong shops must stop selling those luxury goods; this will help to reduce the demand for them.

Kathy Au Yeung, Pooi To Middle School


From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Kathy. Hongkongers are very fortunate in many respects, but you are right when you say they lack contact with nature. You are also right when you say what we do here has an impact elsewhere.

It is hard for people to imagine that their daily lives make a difference to the world. It is also hard for people to understand that we do not all deserve to live like emperors. But let's not leave this "education" up to the government. Let's make sure we stand up for what is right. Let's make sure we tell our friends and family. We can't sit around waiting for the government to solve things for us.

Susan, Editor