We all need to use less plastic, plant more trees and stop using pesticides to protect the Earth's endangered species

By Chan Fung-Nga, STFA Seaward Woo College

Everyone has a responsibility to the planet and its animals, but we must also understand why these issues exist

By Chan Fung-Nga, STFA Seaward Woo College |

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Humans have the power to drive animals to extinction, but also the freedom to choose not to.

So many animals are classed as being endangered now, and most of it is our fault. We destroy their homes when we cut down trees, or throw rubbish into the sea. Many species of animals have also been hunted into extinction because of us.

Here’s how we can try to fix this. We should stop using plastic and things that are thrown away after one use. We should stop cutting down as many trees. We should join clubs or groups where we can plant trees or clean up beaches. We should also stop using pesticides – chemicals used to kill insects on crops.

These are just the first steps that we can take to solve the problem of endangered animals. We need to do more – but these will do for now.

Chan Fung-nga, STFA Seaward Woo College

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From the editor

Thank you for your email, Fung-nga. You are right when you say humans have left the Earth in a terrible condition. Each day, we learn of more creatures dying out, more oceans polluted, and more awful things happening to land. It might seem overwhelming, and hard to deal with.

Let’s remember, though, that people are becoming more aware. Cities have cleaned up their pollution – granted, many exported it to poor countries but, hopefully, that will change. We are aware of the problems, and the best and brightest scientists are searching for a solution.

Much of what has happened has been the result of people wanting to make their lives better. People need to farm to feed themselves, so they clear land. We should remember that when the European colonisers were moving to untamed countries, they cleared large tracts of land, too. Those farms feed billions every day. Countries that are poorer today need to be able to farm.

The other big question that no one is addressing is the fact that our population has increased so much, we have to find other means of feeding people and housing them. A lot of animals are not necessarily hunted into extinction, but pushed out of their homes.

But, if each of us lives lightly, we will ease the pressure on the planet and make a difference.

Susan, Editor