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By Susan Ramsay
By Susan Ramsay |

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I have really enjoyed Young Post's coverage of the Occupy Central protests, particularly the October 17 article "The top 10 best things about the Occupy Central movement".

While Occupy has received a lot of criticism, I was glad to see Young Post acknowledging that there are advantages, as well as disadvantages. While it is true that some protesters have caused inconvenience to other people's daily lives, most have tried their best to minimise the trouble they cause.

I appreciate your persistence and impartial reporting. You are providing a platform for young readers to express themselves, even if they might have different opinions.

Thank you very much for your team's contribution to giving Hong Kong's youth a voice. I hope you continue your good work, and I'm sure many others would agree with me.

Alicia Man, St Paul's School (Lam Tin)

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Alicia. We always like to receive a bit of encouragement from our readers. Team YP has been covering the protests for weeks now, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter. We also have a lot of coverage on our website,

It is important to give both sides of the story, but because most of the people at Occupy are young, we do seem to be focused on them. If any students feel they would like to speak out against Occupy, they will be given as much opportunity as others.

The protests are the biggest news story in Hong Kong for a long time and we always like to hear what our readers think.

Susan, Editor