Say no to shark fin

By Susan Ramsay
By Susan Ramsay |

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According to a WWF survey, the volume of shark fin served in Hong Kong dropped almost 35 per cent this year to 161kg. But almost every caterer still offered shark fin on their menus, the conservation body found. This is mainly because the customers still want the delicacy, and the restaurant owners don't like to lose business.

Many Hongkongers debate whether they should eat shark fin or not. The city's older generation may think eating shark fin is an ancient custom which shows their social status. I disagree. I think eating shark fin is awful. I can't understand why people don't stop the practice.

Why don't restaurants serve vegetarian shark's fin soup instead? These dishes are made of gelatin and konjac. They are much cheaper than the real one and taste almost the same.

We should preserve traditional Chinese culture - but not every aspect if it. Hongkongers should be more open-minded and show concern for our environment, too.

Carman Cheung Cheuk-ping, King Ling College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Carman.

It is great news that less shark fin is being eaten in Hong Kong. It has been a long, hard fight for all concerned as people do not give up their traditions easily.

We should congratulate all those who worked tirelessly to drive home the point that no one needs shark fin except sharks.

Now, if only we could have the same success with ivory.

Susan, Editor