When hobbies become obsessions: why too much of a good thing can be a bad thing

By Ho Siu-lun

Moderation in all things is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle

By Ho Siu-lun |

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Sports are a great hobby for students to participate in.

Most teenagers love taking part in sports, playing video games, or chatting with their school mates and friends online. Here are some pros and cons about these pastimes.

Those who play sports are generally happy. This is because they make a lot of friends while keeping fit and healthy. Basketball and football are very popular in Hong Kong. These sports can boost students’ team spirit and teach them how to work with others.

Then there’s social media, which has had a big impact on today’s teenagers. They can learn from the internet and stay in touch with what’s happening around the world.

Last but not least, playing video games is among the favourite activities of teenagers. It can help reduce stress and improve problem-solving skills.

However, these pastimes have their bad side, too. You can be badly hurt while playing sports and miss school for a period of time.

Teens who are glued to their smartphones can suffer from eyesight problems, social withdrawal or lack of sleep.

Gaming can become an addiction so your academic results can suffer. Also, violent video games can lead to aggressive behaviour among players.

In conclusion, teenagers’ hobbies can have both benefits and disadvantages. If you can battle your addictions or be more careful, I’m sure you can achieve what you want eventually.

Ho Siu-lun

Everyone has different hobbies and interests- find your tribe and ignore the haters

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Siu-lun.

I would recommend all the hobbies you have mentioned to any teenager, but the key is not to overdo it – even sports, because if you train too hard, it will leave you exhausted. Then you won’t have energy to do anything else, for example, study, which is also important.

But sports training, unlike social media and gaming, cannot be called an addiction. That’s why you need to be extra careful about overindulging in those two pastimes.

I would like to suggest two more hobbies to Young Post readers – reading and photography.

Photography can make you more aware of your environment and see people and scenes with a fresh pair of eyes.

Meanwhile, reading can improve your writing skills and help you learn about the world. It is a great way to spend your free time.

It’s always good to have a hobby. Generally, any successful person has some kind of hobby.

There is an important relationship between success and interest.

As long as you are interested in something, you shouldn’t give it up.

M. J. Premaratne, Sub-editor