Letter from the editor: Don't panic if your DSE results weren't what you hoped for

By Susan Ramsay

Young Post's editor wants you to know that you are NOT a failure if your scores were lower than expected - this is just one day in your life

By Susan Ramsay |

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Dear Readers

Today is make-or-break day for many students in the city. I really hope you had a pleasant surprise when you got to school this morning. But we know that many of you didn’t. Perhaps you were just expecting better, or you didn’t make the grade. Maybe you were expecting confirmation of your worst fears anyway.

It’s probably hard to take it in right now, but this is a tiny part of your whole life. Everyone has been telling you that the DSEs are the most important thing ever, that you had to study as hard as you could. You’ve made so many sacrifices for it, and it might seem it has come to nothing.

This is not true. You have gained a wealth of valuable experience that you can put to use in other ways.

Today is just one day in your life;  soon it will be tomorrow and you’ll feel a bit better. Don’t fall into the whole “if you don’t get into a good university you won’t get a good job” schtick. That is simply not true. You have many chances to prove yourself in life, and this is just one of them. Soon you can replace it with something more relevant and rewarding.

Understand that success in the DSE is no guarantee of anything. Many successful people did not do well in school and still found their way forwards. You will too.

This is just a moment, it is not YOU. It might hurt now, but it will get better.