Good times begin with being stranded

Compiled by Lucy Christie

This week, we asked our readers, if they had to be stranded somewhere for a weekend, where would they choose? Here are our favourite answers …

Compiled by Lucy Christie |

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Sneak a peek at celebs

I would choose TVB City in Hong Kong because then I could pry into the personal lives of actors and actresses, and maybe learn some of their secrets. This way, I could stay up to date with the latest news about the celebrities, and if one of them did something bad or there is something happening, I could record it secretly. I could take photos with them, get their autographs and post all those on Facebook. I would try to be friends with my idol, and if a director saw my acting talent, he might ask me to star in a movie or an advert. I would also be the first to know about upcoming movies and maybe get some spoilers!

Hillary Lo, 11, Sha Tin College

Look! Books!

A library, in the musty, yellowed fiction section. I would then be able to catch up on my reading.

Justine Chan, 13, Singapore International School

Covering the essentials

If I had to be stranded somewhere for a weekend, I would definitely choose a supermarket, where there are all kinds of food and other items which we use in our day-to-day lives. So if I was hungry, I could eat a piece of bread - or maybe some chips and a soft drink … woo-hoo! And if I were cold, I could wear some warm clothes. Of course, I would pay for all those items at the end!

Yannie Cheung, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

San Fran-tastic

I would choose to be stranded in San Francisco, in the US. Actually, I have been stranded there before, in the summer of 2013, when a plane crashed on the airport's runway. I was so sad! I was all set to go to Vancouver, Canada, when that happened. But there was a silver lining, because I got to explore San Fran, which is AMAZING! I really wouldn't mind if I was stranded there again.

Ady Lam, 10, Beacon Hill School

A tropical paradise

The Maldives all the way. It's such a beautiful place and it's a shame that the islands could disappear one day because of rising sea levels caused by global warming. I would love to swim in those beautiful waters and enjoy the magnificent scenery. I wouldn't even mind if I was alone, since I could make friends easily!

Jeanie Li, 14, Maryknoll Convent School

Stranded in the past

Mei Ho House Museum in Shek Kip Mei. Spending a weekend there would give me a rare insight into a significant piece of Hong Kong's heritage. Since Mei Ho House was completed in 1954, I'd also get a better understanding of living conditions in public housing estates some 60 years ago.

Hugo Chui, 15, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

Forget K-pop, give me kimchi!

I would choose South Korea without any hesitation. This has nothing to do with K-pop stars; all I want to do is … EAT! I love the country's food. Take the beef sandwich, for example. With meat soaked in Asian spices and sauces, and topped with veggies, they're simply delicious! In addition, I could walk around wearing a traditional Korean costume. I wish I could do these things. It would be amazing!

Kobe Chau, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Island life

I love Cheung Chau. Although I have only been there once, I thought it was a wonderful place. Firstly, there's no air pollution. When I woke up, the air was very fresh. Secondly, I would be able to take part in many outdoor activities, such as swimming, surfing, or even kite-flying. It would be a great way to relieve my stress. Finally, at night, I would be able to lie down on the beach and admire the stars. I could forget about my homework and have fun. What a great idea!

Kenny Tsang, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Spain is my goal

If I was stranded in Barcelona, I would be able to visit the Nou Camp stadium, the home of FC Barcelona. They are my favourite football team. Instead of watching a game on television, I would be able to see the action "live". I could also see my favourite footballer, Lionel Messi, and ask for his autograph. Actually, I would want this "adventure" to last longer than just a weekend!

Leon Li, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

Basketball is life!

Being a basketball addict, it would be a pleasure to be stranded on a basketball court for a weekend (of course, with a basketball). Then I could forget about everything else and fully concentrate on improving my skills. Playing basketball is good for us, both mentally and physically, so I don't see any problems. The only thing is, two days won't be enough!

Byron Ngan, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

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