Sleeping with textbooks, using specific pens...What are your unusual exam rituals?

Joy Pamnani (JR)
Joy Pamnani (JR) |

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Get a kick out of it

Instead of doing last-minute revision, I just played games on my phone and re-read Harry Potter. During exams, I don’t sit still, really silent. Instead, I talk to myself and kick things within reach. I also rarely check my answers. Then I try to catch up on my sleep. After the exam, I come out with panda eyes!

Charlotte Choi, 12, Sha Tin College

In the hot sea

As weird as it sounds, I thanked my table and seat at the end of each exam for accompanying me through an uphill battle. I really believed they would bring me good luck (and they did)!

Adrian Leung, 20, University of Hong Kong

Well-tuned for battle

The night before an exam, I sleep at 10pm. Our brains are not as efficient after studying all day long. So I prefer not to study at night. Hours before an exam, I also tell myself to not listen to any music, because when I hear it, I automatically think of the lyrics and dance moves. Then I might forget all the things that I studied earlier!

Kesha Leung Hoi-ni, 15, Creative Secondary School

Full of confidence

Eating as many fruits and nuts as my stomach allows before an exam. Since childhood, my parents have encouraged me to eat a lot while studying because it will significantly improve my performance during exams. It’s not just a myth; it has been scientifically proven and is common among many students.

Saba Iftkhar, 16, St Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong

A cool idea

Feasting on a whole bucket of ice cream the night before the exam. This form of “stress-eating” gives me more energy to revise. However, I usually fall asleep while revising! I also sleep with the textbooks under my pillow. Call me superstitious, but I think that helps.

Chu Hin-yeung, 15, Creative Secondary School

A visual delight

Before an exam or during revision, I like to meditate as it helps me remember and process information. Besides meditation, I visualise successfully revising (or completing the exam), which is a good motivational tool. I also switch between different subjects during revision so that I don’t get bored. But if that doesn’t work for you, it’s best to concentrate on one subject at a time.

Wesley Wong, 15, Creative Secondary School

It’s called pet luck

I give my dog a big hug before I sit an exam. Whenever I’m with my dog, I feel very energetic, so hugging him is my good luck charm. Weird, I know!

Shivali Chan Wing-yi, 17, Delia Memorial School Broadway

The write stuff

When it comes to exams, I don’t do anything out of the ordinary, but I do have one or two rituals. Since I am a Christian, I pray the night before the exam and hope that I can get decent grades. I also use a certain pen during the exam in the hope that it will bring me good luck.

Nicholas Lumley-Smith, 16, Creative Secondary School

Coffee addict

I did my DSEs last year and I remember stocking up on coffee like I was going to Antarctica for a month. It was a mistake, because I’m the only one at home who drinks coffee. It took a while to finish all of them.

Joy Pamnani, 18, University of Hong Kong

Fast forward

My unusual exam routine is to sit forward in my chair so my body gives my brain a signal that the exam is about to begin and that I have to brace myself!

Anushka Purohit, 17, Renaissance College

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