Money on the street - what would you do?

Wong Shan ShanWai Shan Yam

This week, we asked our readers, if you found HK$10,000 on the street, what would you do? Here are our favourite answers ...

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1 Beggar's belief

I would probably give the money to a beggar. I wouldn't hand it over to the police because, since most Hongkongers are money-minded, thousands of people would claim it. In Hong Kong, there's a huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor. Handing over HK$10,000 to a beggar wouldn't solve the problem but it would, at least, give someone a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the money, that person may be able to start a new life.

Kenny Tsang, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

2 Flawless victory

If I found HK$10,000, I would buy an Xbox 1 with WW2K16, GTA, COD and Fallout 4 (I read a great review of it in Young Post). I would use the left-over money to buy iTunes cards, and then pocket the rest. 

Ruben Japp, 11, Discovery Bay International School

3 The hero HK deserves ...

I would call 999 immediately. Nowadays, electronic money is very popular, and it's mostly elderly people who carry around such large amounts of cash. Picture the scene: the senior citizen may be suffering from dementia. His grandson was kidnapped and he was ordered to pay a HK$10,000 ransom. After getting money from the bank, he loses it. If I called 999, the police would investigate, and the man would get his money and his grandson back safely. The kidnapper would be arrested. Afterwards, I would win the Outstanding Young Persons award, and be awarded HK$10,000 anyway.

Alex Wan, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

4 That'll show 'em

I would use a "super-glue" to stick the money on the ground. I'd wait for the glue to dry, then add some more glue on the money. If greedy people bent down to pick it up, their hands would stick to the money, making it impossible for them to get away!

Au Yeuk-lai, 15, St Louis School

5 Walk on by

I would leave the money alone because it doesn't belong to me. I wouldn't even hand it in to the police, because I experienced something similar when I lost a valuable item at a shopping mall in Japan. I found it in the same place when I returned after a couple of hours. So I am sure the owner would come back to look for his money. Wish him luck.

Wong Shan-shan, 14, St Stephen's Girls' College

6 Kerching!

Having HK$10,000 and not going shopping is impossible! Shopping like royalty and buying things without thinking is the most amazing feeling ever. 

Khan Anisa, 17, St Margaret's Girls' College

7 Policing the police

I would hand the money over to the police right away. If I kept it, that would be stealing, which is a criminal act. In addition, the person who dropped the money may need it desperately - perhaps to pay their medical bills, feed their family or pay rent. However, to make sure that the policeman dealing with the incident would not keep the money, I would ask for the reference number of the case, and jot down the officer's name and other details. This doesn't mean that police are dishonest, but they are only human and may not be able to resist taking such a large sum of money.

Dennis Chu, 14, SKH Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School

8 Gran Text Auto

I would buy a new phone for my grandma whose device is not working. I'd be able to talk to her every day, so she wouldn't get bored.

I'd like to use the rest of the money to buy some stationery for poor schools. Then the students would be able to take notes during lessons.

Kristy Fung, 16, Maryknoll Fathers' School

9 Kind investment

I would use the money to help others, for instance, poor people and the homeless. Millions of people are dying of hunger around the world. I really hope that I could use the money to help them. It is more blessed to give than to receive!

Ng Tsz-wai, 15, Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College

10 Notes into notes

I would use the money to set up a campaign to buy harmonicas and teach underprivileged children to play the instrument. I play the harmonica, and I have long wished to promote the instrument among young people. The HK$10,000 would not only grant my wish, it would also help those who would like to learn music but face financial difficulties. I think this would be a great way to use that "windfall"! 

Wai Shan-yam, 16, St Paul's Co-educational College

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