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Wong Yat-hei
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Daniel Mok Chun-yan, a Primary Six student at Diocesan Preparatory School, is a pianist and composer. Photo: Oliver Tsang

Melodies bring colour, happiness to life, writes Wong Yat-hei

Daniel Mok Chun-yan plays an active role in school shows and loves to share his passion for music with others. It was this enthusiasm that helped the Primary Six student from Diocesan Preparatory School become a member of the Arts Ambassadors-in-school Scheme.

Daniel, 11, is following in the footsteps of his father, who enjoys singing and had been in a choir for a long time. Daniel has different talents though. He has been playing the piano since the age of six and winning is not his main goal.

'When I play or listen to music, I feel very relaxed. Music brings colour and happiness to my life,' he said. 'I play music because I enjoy it and not because I want to win a competition.'

Besides his keyboard skills, Daniel is a talented composer. 'When I listen to music I like, I try to play it on the piano. This is the inspiration behind my compositions. I don't like to play the work of famous musicians all the time,' he said.

'I've always been active in music shows. I encourage my classmates to perform with me. Whether it is singing or playing music, I ask my friends to join me. I realise music is not for everybody. I invite my classmates who are less enthusiastic about music to watch the performances. You can always find a way to be involved.'

Daniel was the master of ceremonies at his school's Easter concert and art exhibition this year. Speaking in front of a big crowd was a valuable experience, he said. 'Although I have performed many times on stage, speaking in front of so many people still made me sweat.'

Daniel said he learned a lot from the ambassadors scheme. 'I now have a better understanding of what happens backstage during a drama production. I learned about lighting and special effects and how props and costumes are made. It was an amazing experience,' he said.

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