Towards a better planet

By YP readers. Compiled by John Kang

Last Saturday was Earth Hour, so we asked our readers what they are doing to help create a greener future and save our planet. Here are the top 10 answers ...

By YP readers. Compiled by John Kang |

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1. Dark relief

I would try to go to the toilet without turning on the light. That would save a lot of electricity in the long run. Also, it is good training in case I go blind when I get old.

Ruby Leung, 17, Maryknoll Convent School

2. Watch out!

I'll try to watch less television. Not only will it save electricity, but also help me become more productive and stop being a couch potato.

Erika Olvina, 15, St Margaret's Girls' College

3. Just enough to eat

Being green is not just about saving electricity, trees and water. It is also about maintaining the ecological balance. To save our planet, I will eat just enough food to help me survive. Eating too much destroys the ecosystem - and my stomach.

Kit Kan Ying-hei, 14, Carmel Secondary School

4. Conserve lights

The easiest thing to do would be to turn off the lights when I don't need them, and take part in Earth Hour to spread the conservation message. I turned off the lights on Saturday night, and it was really fun doing homework by candlelight.

Victoria Wong, 9, Sha Tin Junior School

5. Less electricity

I suggest we use electronic devices less. Do you know how much electricity we use in a year? It's 18,417 kilowatt-hours for a family of four. So, using fewer electronic devices means we can enjoy better air quality and better lives.

Sharon Lau, 13, St Paul's Convent School

6. Get up and do it

Switch off the lights. It's just a simple thing to do, but I know many people are too lazy to get up from their seats and turn off the lights when they aren't needed.

Kaur Sandeep, 15, St Margaret's Girls' College

7. Earlier bedtime

Last Saturday, I went home, had dinner and went to sleep before 8pm. I turned off the lights and all electrical appliances before I went to bed, so I saved a few hours of electricity. I also avoided eating beef and sweet potatoes, so I didn't fart.

Darren Tang, 16, Law Ting Pong Secondary School

8. A 'RRRRoaring' time

I am following the four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and replace. I would reduce the amount of food waste, reuse paper written on only one side and recycle them. Lastly, I would replace my plastic bags at home with reusable ones.

Lyndon Fan, 13, HKUGA College

9. Transport tips

One thing I've been doing since junior secondary school is to carpool with friends. Cars release harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and phosphorus. To prevent our planet from becoming even more polluted, I try to share rides with friends to school and other places. Taking public transport instead of a private car is a good choice, too.

Mizuki Nishiyama, 15, Canadian International School

10. Animal conscious

I'm a vegetarian, and I've been doing my part to protect the environment since birth. A vegetarian diet helps reduce global warming (cows and sheep produce a lot of methane gas), as well as air, land and river pollution. I am also making sure that animals don't become extinct by protecting their habitats. (Livestock takes up so much land.) Imagine if our future generations don't know what chickens or cows are!

Joy Pamnani, 15, Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College