Talking Points: Are school summer holidays too long?

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Are school summer holidays too long in Hong Kong?

No, I don’t think so. Being a senior student in Hong Kong, I am always overloaded with lots of extra classes and tests during the summer holidays. Sometimes the lessons I take during the summer can be even longer than the ones we have on regular school days. And that’s not even including all the homework we get to complete over the holidays. We seriously deserve a nice long break from school.

Tiffany Ip, 16, Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College

I don’t think so. Teachers give us a lot of work to do for school and a long break is necessary. We can take the time to travel and expand our horizons, rest and recharge, or even get ahead on our studies. This way we can be refreshed and prepared for when we go back to school.

Cooby Wong Yat-ching, 13, Carmel Divine Grace Foundation Secondary School

I think a two-month summer holiday is sufficient time for students to relax and relieve pressure after about 10 months of hard work. The long holiday allows students to travel and explore other countries and cultures. It also gives them a chance to spend more time with their parents.

Tiffany Li, 13, Stamford American International School

I think so. I see many students waste their time on social media over the holidays. It seems most of them just hang out with their friends and neglect their homework. If the summer holidays were shorter, perhaps students won’t lose focus on their studies and won’t waste their time as much.

Chiu Ka-man, 16, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

No. Summer holidays usually last around one and a half months, which I think is just enough. Students are put under a lot of pressure at school and have to do a bunch of homework and exams. It can drive people crazy. Students need a long break to release their stress and have a bit of fun.

Jasmine Cho Li, 14, Cheung Chuk Shan College

It depends. I think the summer holidays are too long for primary students. I remember not knowing how to spend all my free time. Whereas for secondary students, I think the holidays are not long enough. Senior students, especially, face a great deal of pressure during the public examinations. As a senior student myself, I find that, with all the tutorial classes we take over the break, I never have enough time to rest.

Burt Zheng, 17, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

I don’t think so. Hong Kong students are often burned out. They need to study for around 10 hours a day and they don’t really have time to rest or have fun. The holidays is their only opportunity to catch up on sleep, see their friends, or travel. Students can also take the time to organise their study schedule and prepare for the next term ahead.

Tse Chung-yan, 16, Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School

I think the summer holidays are really long. While some students spend a large portion of their break doing fun activities with friends, I like to balance my time between schoolwork and leisure. I want to keep learning and see resting as a waste of time.

Quintus Luk,16, Scientia Secondary School

I think the summer holidays are just long enough. One and a half months is enough for me to release my stress, finish all my holiday homework and get ready for the next term. I want to use the upcoming summer holiday wisely. I plan to join the Summerbridge programme to practise my English and finish my homework. Maybe I could go on a trip and learn something, too.

Ben Chim, 13, Hong Kong And Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School

I’m sure any student in the world would agree with me when I say, it’s never too long! We have approximately 45 days off school in the summer, and since the holidays come right after we finish our exams, which is the perfect way to reward our hard work. If the holiday was shorter, students might think they didn’t deserve a decent break, which might affect their studies and make them less motivated in the next term. We rarely have time to pursue our hobbies or try new things. The summer holidays is really the only time we can do that. I don’t see how having a long holiday could be a bad thing, we need to balance school life and our personal life.

Asher Lau Ka-yan, 15, Tin Shui Wai Methodist College

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