I say: I love my best friend because...

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week our readers answer: what is your favourite thing about your best friend?

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So random, dude

He is completely random. He often makes me laugh, because I never know what he’s up to!

Kyle Leung, 14, St Paul’s Co-educational College

A warm welcome

I was very socially awkward as a teenager, and I had a lot of problems engaging with people. But my BFF saw past my shortcomings and made me feel welcome among our group. Even now, when I am much better socially, he still looks out for me.

Thomas Gomersall, 24

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LOL, right?

We have the same sense of humour, and it’s amazing!

Gabi Leung, 17, University of Hong Kong

She gets me

She always knows exactly what to say, and also mocks me endlessly about pretty much anything.

Saanchi Shah, 14, King George V School

What a saint!

She’s a saint and a sweetheart, but at the same time, has the best condescending smirk I’ve ever seen!

Iris Lee, 16, Hong Kong International School

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She accepts my flaws and forgives me for making her mad sometimes. She is true to herself and always

makes funny jokes. She is patient and kind. She helps boost my confidence when I doubt myself. She’s a good cook, too.

Kong Ka-ching, 20, Clifton College

Can I get a hug?

She is the most huggable person ever, which is great especially when I lose a debating round. Most importantly, she’s great for napping on between debating rounds, and she’s the ultimate “mum friend” who would lend you her jacket if you are cold.

Eunice Ng, 15, PLK Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College

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A great tutor

She puts up with my ridiculousness, and she’s the only one who sees through my lies. She’s awesome, and she’s the only person in my class that I can stand to be near for a long period of time. Plus I would fail maths and Chinese without her.

Sakshi Gupta, 14, Kiangsu Chekiang College International Section

Can you say clumsy?

She never fails to brighten up my day and she is the biggest klutz I know.

Charlotte Fong, 16, International Christian School

You have made me very angry

When she gets angry, she vents in a rapid-fire Singaporean accent and ends everything with “lah” or “lor” and it’s hilarious.

Ngai Yeung, 17, International Christian School

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