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Jade Lam, Anson Mok and Arjun Sivakumar
Jade Lam, Anson Mok and Arjun Sivakumar |

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Jade Lam, Anson Mok and Arjun Sivakumar ask a cross-section of society about the resolutions they're making for 2010

What time could be more appropriate for self-reflection and setting new goals than New Year's Eve? We sent out our junior reporters to ask Hongkongers what their New Year's resolutions are and how they plan to keep them.

Srividya Sivakumar, Software engineer

My resolution is to never get angry or disturbed by anything and stay cool, positive and cheerful always. To do this I will always smile, think positive, cherish happy moments and exercise regularly.

Arpiyah, Foreign domestic helper

I will be going back to Indonesia next year. I want to buy my own house and start a family. I'd love to set up a grocery store to make money as well. I've been saving part of my salary since I started working in Hong Kong. I hope I have enough money.

Saki Ho, Graphic designer

To be a healthier person and have a career breakthrough. I plan to eat less meat and go hiking and cycling regularly on weekends. I will read more design books and [enter] design competitions to broaden my horizons in the field and [enhance] my skills.

Christopher Chiu, Student

My language skills are noticeably weak. My main aim for 2010 is to master English, especially speaking, and improve my awkward accent. I guess I will expand my [tiny] vocabulary base by reading all the time and making flash cards.

Renee Leung, Student

Besides getting [top] academic results, I hope to have my YouTube videos seen by more than 2,000 people. I will study hard and watch more online videos to get inspiration and improve my video quality and content.

Ruby Leung, Student

My resolution is to not waste time on silly things like shopping. I'll spend more time doing exercise, maths and honing my debating skills. I'll cut down my internet time, pay more attention during maths lessons - and try not to hate the subject.

Sarah Loh, Artist

My ultimate goal is to repay my student loan instalments on time and clear my credit card debt. I will try to spend less on everything unnecessary and maybe switch to a better-paid job.

Adithya Sivakumar, Student

I want to get more involved in sports next year. I plan to achieve this by playing badminton during the weekend with my friends and also playing soccer every weekday for at least 45 minutes.

Alice Chiu, Market analyst

I hope to visit England and see ex-Arsenal footballer Sol Campbell in action before he officially retires. I hope Manchester United will take him.

I've been saving up for the trip and once he's playing again, I'll book my flight.

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