Letters From the Dorm: Fantastic for FM fangirl

By Candace Kwan, University of Washington
By Candace Kwan, University of Washington |

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Candace was more than a little excited to get to interview Far East Movement.

My second year at university officially ended about a week ago. I like to think I've done a lot in Seattle since school's been out. In my last column, I mentioned that one of my besties from high school, Annie Xia, would be visiting for a week. It's been a whole lot of fun showing her around my second city. We even went to take pictures in a photo booth on her first day. Such Hongkongers.

Apart from spending time with her and my friends, I just crossed off a huge item off my bucket list: I interviewed Far East Movement!

In the past year, I started freelancing for Gumship, an online men's magazine, and when I found out FM was going to be in Seattle, I knew I had to try my luck.

Maybe it's silly, but even after the interview was confirmed last month, I was too shy to share the news with my friends (didn't want to jinx it). I knew the interview was going to happen, but I never actually pictured it mentally.

I've been a huge fangirl of theirs for almost four years, in the sense that I look up to them. They have changed my life - from my taste in music to work ethic to my academic interests.

They're always on the grind, and that inspires me to work harder. I also don't think I would have discovered Asian-American Studies if it weren't for them. Majoring in both journalism and Asian-American Studies really does allow me to be a fangirl all day, every day.

As a fan and as a student, I've tried to learn as much about them as possible.

I'd be lying if I said I had never quoted them on Asian-American identity, or Asian Americans in the media, for academic papers. But never in my wildest dreams would I have ever considered the possibility of being the one to ask them questions. I'm still floored the interview went through, and I'm glad I have pictures to prove it.

I'm not sure when the article will be published in Gumship, but I hope my piece about FM does them justice.

I'm no musician, but I hope that, at the very least, I can make them proud through my writing.