A change of identity

Compiled by John Kang

The 16th Ani-Com & Games convention starts today and runs until Tuesday at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you are into anime, comics, games or cosplay, don't miss the fun. We asked our readers who they want to cosplay as. Here are the best answers ...

Compiled by John Kang |

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It's all a game

Agent Peggy Carter is a strong and determined character in Captain America. She constantly proves that women can be as tough and aggressive as men. In her military uniform, she displays her strength as well as her feminine side at the same time. As a Marvel fan, cosplaying as Peggy would be wonderful.

Angelina Leung Yee-ching, 16, Renaissance College

Virtually a pop star

Hatsune Miku, the virtual singing superstar from Japan. Her voice is so beautiful and comforting. I love singing myself, and I always wish I could sound as good as her.

Hilda Yam, 18, Heep Yunn School

Ice cold

I'd dress up as Elsa from Frozen and use my magical powers to cool the place down. With the Hong Kong summer being so hot and humid, our city needs a winter goddess to take things down a few degrees.

Joy Pamnani, 15, PLK Ngan Po Ling College

On the wing

I'd pick Nightwing. DC Comics characters aren't that popular in Hong Kong, so I think it would be a great idea to promote American superhero culture. Besides, as a die-hard DC fan, wearing the Nightwing suit would be even better than cosplaying as Black Widow from the Marvel series.

Karina Lai, 16, Cheltenham College (Britain)

Pokemon power

I'd like to cosplay as Pikachu, I mean, who wouldn't? He's so utterly cute.

Maryam Gul, 14, St Margaret's Girls' College

The classic superhero

Superman, as he is easily my favourite superhero of all time. Not only does he have a constant thirst for justice, he also has all the traits of a classic superhero.

I love everything about him, from his heat vision to his memory, and of course, let's not forget his bulging biceps.

Shamoon Shahzada, 16, Sha Tin College

Creepy witch

I'd pick Witch Homura, or Homulilly, from The Rebellion Story movie. The anime plunges our heroes into a world of suffering, as they realise their magical transformations will only end up turning them into the enemy they've sworn to kill: witches. Homura's witch is visually stunning and just a little creepy, with skeletal limbs, manacled hands, and a mouth tied shut with ribbons.

Meaghan T'ao, 18, Dana Hall School (US)

Wild hair

I would cosplay as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because she is a character I truly admire. Putting on a Hogwarts cloak and holding a wand would make me feel like I could weave some magic. And for once I wouldn't have to worry if my hair is a mess, as that's one of her most iconic features!

Kimberly Lai, 17, King George V School

Hungry for more

If I had to cosplay as a character, I'd pick Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. She is an independent woman who puts her life on the line to protect her younger sister. Katniss' bow and arrow represent her strength. Cosplaying as her would make me feel strong.

Joyce Mau, 16, King George V School

Time for an adventure

I would cosplay as Finn the Human from Adventure Time. Finn and his best friend, Jake, always go on exciting adventures and help their friends. Although Finn can be aggressive sometimes, I admire his bravery. Also, preparing the costume won't be hard - he wears a simple blue outfit with a white hat. But I would still stand out among other cosplayers.

Jodi Wong, 16, HKUGA College