I say: My favourite subject is ...

Each week we’ll choose readers’ responses to share. This week we want to know: What’s your favourite subject at school and why?

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Something you can count on

Mathematics. This is not only because I score high marks in tests, it is also because maths is a very useful subject. It can help promote social and economic development. If I do well in maths, it can improve my standard of living in the future.

Another reason is that people won’t add new numbers to maths suddenly. On the other hand, new English words, such as “selfies” and “chillax”, are introduced all the time. Therefore, maths is much clearer and easier to remember.

Kelly Chung, 14, Pope Paul VI College 

Communication is key

English, because it is an international language. I want to be a businessman someday, so I need to be able to use English to communicate with foreigners. 

Tong Tik-hang, 12, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

I say: If I had a million dollars…

Enjoy a challenge

Maths, because it is challenging. It also makes my life interesting. I enjoy doing difficult sums. I joined several maths competitions in primary school. I made many friends during the competitions. I will choose maths in secondary school and I hope one day to be a mathematician.

Hayden Lau Sze-yin, 12, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Good chemistry

I am a Secondary Three student and I have just started studying chemistry. I like to do experiments using different chemicals and observe their reaction. Also, chemical reactions happen in our daily life. For example, if water changes to ice, is that a chemical or physical change? The answer is a physical change. This is because there was no change in the chemical composition of water during the process. Learning chemistry is also fun and we can gain new knowledge.

Elaine Chow Yee-lam, 14, Pope Paul VI College 

I say: When I grow up, I want to be ...

A time to experiment

It’s science because you can do experiments and learn about how things happen.

Chui Pak-hei, 12, Henrietta Secondary School

Chinese is fun

Chinese lessons are really interesting and I like the subject very much. My Chinese teacher in primary school was very nice and friendly and played interesting games in class. I hope I can get good marks in this subject.

Luna Cho-ning, 11, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

A problem solver

Mathematics because I feel very happy after I solve a problem.

Karen Ho Ka-man, 16, Fung Kai Liu Man Shek Tong Secondary School

I say: I love my best friend because...

Get physical

I like PE lessons the most because I can have great fun taking part in activities such as running, swimming and dancing. The most interesting PE lesson at school is playing dodgeball. It’s exciting running around trying to avoid balls that are being thrown at us. 

Sometimes we have to run many laps around the playground, but I still love my PE lessons.

Chan Cheuk-man, 12, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Edited by M. J. Premaratne