Letters from the dorm: school means no more time for life or style

By Alex Wong, University of Hong Kong
By Alex Wong, University of Hong Kong |

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It's that time of the year again, when students all over the world are in a bad mood. Consider the distress of Monday blues, but multiplied by 100: not only is it the start of a week, but the start of a whole year's worth of work.

This September will be particularly hard for me to get through, as with no free days this semester, I had no choice but to quit my part-time interior design job. I got so used to the three-school-day schedule last semester that I took for granted how much free time I had.

Now that architecture school is becoming more intense, I might need to cut back on freelancing (I love working with different companies just for short periods of time, and working at my own pace) and focus more on schoolwork which apparently requires more attention from me.

It was particularly sad to end my internship at the design firm because I was having fun working closely with the designer (who was also my boss), and learned a lot along the way. I learned that interior design is more about lifestyle than anything else.

I was asked to update the company's Instagram (which is @xavainteriors by the way) with photographs of the latest lifestyle trends, such as the rarely-seen green marble facade at Hong Kong's Chloe boutiques, the gorgeous denim armchair we were sitting in at Corner Cafe in Sheung Wan, as well as the delicious meatloaf we were having.

As for the rest of the time, I enjoyed handpicking fabrics and paint colours to match rooms, and sitting in client meetings, and picking up cappuccinos from the nearest Starbucks. #internpride

But now, it's time to leave all these luxuries behind and fully embrace architecture school, where lifestyle is practically non-existent …