YP Cadets On: why they do what they do - from seeking self-expression to connecting with God, and League of Legends

By YP cadets

YP cadets share why they love what they loved to do, and what lessons they have learned from it

By YP cadets |

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Writing, to me, is like second nature. I first started during my transition from primary to secondary school. The stress-filled environment led me to pursue something to distract myself, and it came down to writing. It was therapeutic, but I also wanted to achieve something. So I sat down with pen and paper and went to town. With every letter I scribbled down, I was laying a brick for my dream house. I wanted to be in complete control of the situation. And in the end my perseverance paid off. I finished my novel!

If writing ever starts to feel like an obligation to me, I would put my pen down. I want writing to have a positive effect on me; it should flow naturally and help me to relax, making me who I am.


Moving to boarding school wasn’t easy for me, as is the case with many other international students. We were basically stranded in the middle of nowhere in western Massachusetts, in the United States, with strangers. Thankfully, with the help of different international student associations and classmates, I found my footing at school.

Over time, more students from Hong Kong arrived, and as one of the older, more experienced students, I felt the need to offer guidance to the newcomers. So I started the Hong Kong Student Association to help make it happen. We stick to simple things that make us feel at home, like cooking and hanging out together. It’s a support network that I can always fall back on during difficult times.


I’ve been involved in art ever since I first picked up a pencil and discovered the joy that could only be felt from creating something. Drawing scenes and characters using my own imagination and filling up pages with them was amazing and fun. Of course, I still have room for improvement as there are countless skills that I want to learn, and I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with my own art.

I am striving to improve – the constant dissatisfaction that I feel spurs me to keep drawing, sketching, and learning. I hope that one day I will be able to finish a piece and feel a sense of pride in my own work and great anticipation for my next creation. I like to think that art isn’t just a part of my life – it’s a part of what makes me who I am. And if being true to yourself is the first step to understanding who you are, then I will gladly welcome the continued presence of art in my life.


Hong Kong is such a busy city that many people cannot stop even for a moment and reflect on their actions. Perhaps the reason I started blogging two years ago is to explore my passion and, hopefully, help inspire people to make a difference. Blogging gives me a voice I wouldn’t have beyond the realm of cyberspace. It provides a channel for me to connect with my peers, including people from all walks of life whom I have never met. For me, a blog initiates a brand new conversation, encouraging people to reflect upon what they have just read. If someone responds to your blog, their collection of thoughts and opinions then adds to the pool of knowledge on the web. All we need is simply a syllable, a word, a sentence, and a paragraph to impose change, bare our souls, and introduce our worlds to one another.


Instead of sleeping in on Sundays, I’d wake up early for worship practice. Being a musician who’s also passionate about my faith, I really want to give back to the church community by doing what I love. There’s a huge difference between performing on stage and leading a worship. When you’re performing, you want all eyes to be on you; you’re the shining star and you want people to know that. But when you’re worshipping, you’re helping others come together for God, so you’re essentially a bridge.

Sometimes, I lose sight of what’s important and focus on the wrong things. I would want people to praise me and my musicianship, instead of giving all the glory to God. Thankfully, my fellow leaders are there to remind me about my focus. Little by little, I’m growing as a person who is able to serve selflessly. It’s not an easy job, but I’ll continue to serve others by doing what I love.


No matter how intense life is, playing video games is a way for me to relax. Though others may see it as unproductive and a waste of time, I see it as a fun, enjoyable way to wind down the day and spend time with my friends. I was introduced to gaming by my brother at a fairly young age. We were always very competitive, whether it was Fifa, Pokémon, or Doodle Jump. We’d spend all our spare time on any console, computer or phone game that we could get our hands on.

Now, as soon as I go home after work, I look to release my stress by joining my friends in slaying enemies on the fields of justice. I’m 20 years old by the way. Not sure how this is going to sound to others, but it’s really not that lame! I honestly do recommend gaming to anyone looking for a new way to kick back, relax and chill with friends.

Illustrations by YP cadet Leeann Tong and edited by M. J. Premaratne