Talking points: How would you like to decorate your locker?

Compiled by Wong Yat-hei

Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.

Compiled by Wong Yat-hei |

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Kate Ng, University of Hong Kong

I will paint my locker in red, and attach fingerprints. I will also put all my stickers on it. I know what's inside the locker - just books - but this is my locker!


Mimi Lam, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary & Primary School

Cute cutouts of my favourite anime characters. They will make me happy during a long day at school. I might also put up some 

inspirational quotes; I am sure they'll encourage me to study harder and reach my targets.

Reece Chiu, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

I would like to paint my locker green. Then every time I open it, it would remind me of nature and greenery, which would calm my mind and help me to relax. It would be a good idea to open my locker quite a few times before my IB exam! I would also put up a few motivational quotes inside, such as "The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow". This would help me to face up to my future challenges bravely.

Bianca Chan, Maryknoll Convent School

A collage of images from random magazines. There is nothing that reveals my identity more than disorganised clippings and poorly designed art. After all, lockers are meant to be a convenient place to "dump" everything in after class. But on a more practical level, I should probably stick a class timetable on the door to remind me of my responsibilities.

Natalie Fung, St Paul's Co-educational College

I want to keep up my good looks in school, so a quick look in the mirror inside my locker between each lesson should do the trick. In addition, it can help me get a sneak peek about what is going on without turning my head around. Also, a writing pad will definitely come in handy, especially when a good idea suddenly pops into my mind, or to remind me of a class assignment. It would be good to put up a timetable, too, because it would help me get through a hectic day in school with fewer problems.


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