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Ronnie Koo Chun-ho (junior reporter)
Ronnie Koo Chun-ho (junior reporter) |

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If you are suffering from post-Halloween withdrawals, Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games may be the answer. And avid gardeners will revel in clearing their lawns of undead fiends.

This tower-defence game for both PCs and Macs features surprisingly simple but engaging game play.

Sow sunflowers to generate sunshine, the game's currency. Use the cash flow to grow a garden of pea-shooting plants, venom-spitting mushrooms and exploding chilli plants to get rid of hordes of zombies before they devour you.

As you advance through the levels, you get more fighting flora - and more zombies, who become tougher to beat and also wackier. Football-zombies, pole-vault-zombies and balloon-riding zombies enter the battle.

New battlegrounds emerge - the backyard and the rooftop. Even the swimming pool needs aquatic plants if you are really going to keep the zombies at bay.

The night missions call for resource-saving strategies, such as raising attack mushrooms that require little or no sunlight.

Advanced levels require multi-tasking and more finger dexterity than previous levels.

Gamers have to remove graveyards, clear fog and erect blockades as they fortify their botanical defences.

The mini-games provide diversions. One allows you to see the battle from the perspective of the zombies. It is also an opportunity to pick up additional plants and gadgets.

If you make your way through the 50 levels in Adventure Mode, Survival Mode will provide you with relentless waves of zombies to kill. Tower-defence fans will probably enjoy this mode more than the standard game play.

You do not need a degree in botany to play Plants vs Zombies - and you do not need a high-powered graphics card either. This is simple, fun gaming.

by Tiger reporter Ronnie Koo Chun-ho

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